British Troops Caught in Libya

British Troops Caught in Libya

Is Libya The New Iraq? U.S. Prepares Libyan Invasion


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Given that Israel is supporting Qaddafi with mercenaries, and given that the British soldiers were captured by the rebels, it may be that Great Britain has quietly changed sides under orders from Tel Aviv and was sabotaging the revolution, possibly including the explosion of the ammo dump. Recall that the very start of the invasion of Iraq, two SAS men were caught wearing Arab clothing and driving around in a car full of explosives, engaged in false-flag bombings.

Comment by Michael Rivero

Execute those Brits. Those pedophiles don’t even need a trial. Just feed them to the fish. All of the trouble in the ME was started by failed empire. Those STUPID Brits couldn’t run a whore house without screwing it up!

Comment by KimWSSmith

[…] British Troops Caught in Libya […]

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