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‘No World System’ is a 24 hour news blog dedicated to bringing the hard-hitting news to the dazed and confused public that has no time to search the overflown alternative media outlets. ‘No World System’ is meticulous in its research and scans alternative media outlets for only the important news. ‘No World System’ doesn’t buy into the 2-Party Left Right Paradigm, the Neo-cons and the Neo-libs are both controlled by the ‘internationalist’ elite and both parties work together in this country to achieve a New World Order.

“Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective – a New World Order – can emerge. . . Now, we can see a New World Order coming into view. A world in which there is a very real prospect for a New World Order. . .A world where the United Nations, freed from a Cold War stalemate, is poised to fulfill the historic vision of its founders.” … “My vision of a New World Order forsees a UN with a revitalized peacekeeping function. It is the sacred principles enshrined in the UN charter to which we henceforth pledge our allegiance.” -George Bush Sr. “We had a World view, Republican and Democratic presidents alike; from Harry Truman to George Bush. . .stood for freedom. . .and stood for certain propositions that would make America strong and healthy and grow the middle class and shrink poverty and stand against Communism. . .and after 1989 President Bush said a phrase i often use myself that we needed a New World Order.” – Bill Clinton “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure, One World if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.” -David Rockefeller

‘No World System’ is an anti-New World Order website docimenting the Global Elite as they strive for the creation of a One World Government Dictatorship (aka: New World Order). There is only one central group that controls this New World Order and that is the Illuminati (the Merovingian Bloodline) and have formed many groups that shift world history, like the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and many other groups, councils and committees that collude together to abolish all nation-states in favor of World Government. They strive to centralize all power into the United Nations which acts as a framework for global institutions like the World Bank, IMF, WHO and etc, this will give the elitist world oligarchs complete control where every aspect of life is regulated. The key agenda for the New World Order is global population reduction of 2/3rds of the entire human population

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 (i.e. exterminate around 6 billion people from the planet). -Georgia Guidestones

their wish is to have their slaves completely poor, controllable, traceable, taxed and every aspect of life is regulated.

The internationalist elite mean business and are very close into achieving their goals, they tend to use things like terrorism such as 9/11, pandemics, economic collapses. They stage coups on their enemies, they use chemical warfare on populations such as vaccines, chemtrails and the myriad of chemicals we the people are exposed to through food, water to softkill us, disease us, sterilize us and make humans live shorter lives, this is called eugenics. We know they are evil creatures of the night that will finally be exposed for the monsters they truly are, some day. America is facing a never-ending barrage of unconstitutional laws and regulations, America is sinking into the hands of the global oligarchs, in 10 years America will resemble a dismantled Communist Stalin or Nazi Germany where the people are poorly treated and human rights is non existant. All countries under the New World Order empire will emulate each other, the police look more menacing no longer protecting the people, we will all slowly notice we live in a Big Brother nightmare that George Orwell could have EVER imagined.

We are seeing this World empire take shape already, for example the European Union. Europe was once had many countries like France, Ireland, Britain and so on, all countries were sovereign and had their own government. The European countries are now under the European Union, it is a ‘super continental union’ that was secretly implemented by passing a Free Trade Agreement and the people were conned into it. This made all countries of Europe give away their sovereignty, their currencies (are now Euros), under one flag and One President!

We the people of the North are already under a similar union, Canada is part of the British Commonwealth and the America was founded by the British crown (we are all told the fairytale that America won it’s independence against the Brits). North America will soon be called the “American Union” where Canada, U.S. and Mexico (including Cuba and other islands) will merge into one entity like the European Union. There will be an “Asian-Pacific Union” as well.

Talks of a new global economic system is already underway, the World Bank and the IMF are planning new global financial taxes that will finally create this World Government. Talks of lowering living standards of U.S. and Europe are also being discussed, the elite wish to ‘even’ out the rich nations at the level of 3rd world poverty, where we are all poor together under this world government. The way the elite oligarchs like to ruin economies is particularly the IMF and taxes like the VAT, the U.S. president is already considering this economy-killing tax along with a carbon tax, insurance tax and etc. to finally break the Economy so this New World Order can begin. And finally, once the dollar is complete garbage, the IMF will finally roll out their SDR currency which will be the World Government currency we will all eventually use.

‘No World System’ supports human inalienable god-given rights, we support anti-Globalists that are in the system of government, we praise the anti-New World Order infiltrators in the belly of the beast recording NWO crimes… we believe they are our only hope into stopping this iron train that is going to run over our future, and our children’s future. Presidents like John F. Kennedy and many others have warned against a World Government, our only hope today is to elect someone like Ron Paul who is aware of the New World Order so we can put a end to this madness once and for all!

“You are a den of Vipers! I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out! If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.” -Andrew Jackson “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.” -John F. Kennedy

The New World Order will stop at nothing to create a world dictatorship, to depopulate the globe and managing us like slaves (the useless eaters as internationalist Henry Kissinger calls us). The life of humanity is dearly at risk as there is no longer a need for us, in the globalist’s technotronic future, human life will be meaningless to the elite.. thus, many will be either be eliminated or sterilized. The elitists don’t consider themselves humans, they believe themselves to be gods, blue bloods, a different breed from the average man and woman. They consider us monsters, unfit to breed and live.

But now there are many people who are strongly against this New World Order, we have been called by the media nothing short of terrorists (ex: homeland security memos), ‘No World System’ and other alternative media outlets call for non-violent resistance and non-compliance, only violence will feed their engines but knowledge, exposing the New World Order will do great damage IF a lot of people know what is going on and are angry and make issues like this common knowledge! Only a terrorist would use war, eugenics and genocide to control the human population, destroy economies by devaluation of currency and taxing the country into financial slavery to turn once great nations and installing a global economic system. We are oppressed by ridiculous laws and regulations by the Congress (controlled by the globalists), we are pinned between republican and democrat to better manage us. Fortunately, people are waking up to the New World Order, more and more soldiers, police and politicians know what is going on now. Please learn and inform others about the New World Order and keep reading my website and other alternative media outlets. Thanks for visiting…

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Keep up the good work!

King George AND Congress have abrogated the Constitution with illegal (contrary to the Supreme Law of the Land) exec orders, directives, and statutes.

As a serious observer of American politics since 1956, I can state with certainty that we are in a Constitutional crisis of MONUMENTAL proportions. Due to fear, propaganda, and the manipulations of the Corporate Media, Americans appear to be endorsing the complete dismantling of individual Liberty. Shame on us.

It is time to wake up…and cowboy up!


Comment by Scott Haley

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

Comment by Anonymous

That article was fake, and they admitted it. It was some FT supporters who were the perps!

Comment by NH

you have got to be joking.. bush and his organization are not criminals!!!!!!! he is one of the best presidents since ronald reagan!

Comment by sarah

Don’t be so naive,PLEASE! Have you not noticed how Bush Jr. buddies-up to Obama all the time – they act like they’ve been best friends for years! Both Bush’s have even admitted that there needs to be a New World Order – A One World Government! Wake Up!!!

Comment by Barb

Reading The Bilderberg Group as the news of Kevin Rudd’s election in Australia was headlined on the Drudge Report… I did a search immediately for “Kevin Rudd CFR Bilderberg Trilateral” and got your page.

Liberty, its creativity and its maturing responsibility is the core of the American Constitution… central banking should be the target and holding onto the free flow of information on the Internet… .

Google and its founders attended the last Bilderberg conference and Google is a corp. associate of the CFR.

Thank you for all that you do… .

I do think that the hard left must be separated from the anti globalist movement at least the liberty based side… and then converted as much as possible and I think that is indeed very possible for the conditioning of the public schools has NOT been able to touch the core American call to liberty as of yet… and that can be used and is a measure of liberty’s deep appeal to all humans given the constant pounding that American children now take overtly and subtly to forget the teachings liberty’s history.

The appeal of “free trade” emotionally remember is the belief among the average person in the West that competition is good and the open flow of ideas is good…of course the reality is far different as long as central banking rules the world and America especially.

But this emotional tie to the fairness of freedom can be used by those who believe in true responsible individually based liberty as much as it can be used by Central Banking and its whores.

Break up the media through the Internet, convert part of the left that is idealistic that the artists and underneath the lovers of AMERICA and so on… BUT the new “useful idiots” of the remaining hard left must be cut out of the anti globalist movement in fact some of the goal of the banking cartel are a natural result of technology but abolition of national sovereignty can not be among them if liberty is to prevail.

Finally a call for the end of central banking that is nationally control printing of money, perhaps even money based on other standards. At least the interest is not paid and governments are accountable to the voters although my argument here is still not informed enough to be clear.

The reaction will be economic chaos if the goal comes into sight… . The NWO gourps will cause severe chaos if not war to prevent their money machine from being taken out of their hands.

First goal should be the communication of who the Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilaterals are.. and instead of communist leaders in that movement enlightened nationalists who welcome the world should be the focus. Correcting history Joseph McCarthy’s defaming by whom and for what goal for instance.

This leads to the discovery of central banking’s history and perhaps demands on campus for new history on and on.

One has to hope and while the Internet is not censured this great tool must be used.


Comment by KF

You’ve got a lot of great information here, I’ve just added you to my blogroll.

Comment by Chris Anderson

I am not American, you all have a great counrty its time that you all get together and you must make the efforts everyone must do their part.
KNowledge is power, inform everyone about the truth ask WHY WHY WHY…

Comment by Mea Culpa

We are in urgent to action times, as you have so well stated the facts of “NWO”.
We must PRAY and asked for GODS intercedence.

Comment by RDH

This is the best source of reality anywhere, period.

Comment by Eric Nordstrom

People ,this is not fake. I live in Texas and people are already to try to run the Nafta superhighway through and that in turn will lead to NAU.Everyone one of these candidates are for that except Mike and Paul. Hillary and Obama are for it also.They have CFR meetings and attend Bilderberg meetings. Look it up. Its a fact!!

Comment by kim

Mike Huckabee is so CFR. He is a globalist through-and-through.

Comment by Deanna


Comment by bibomedia

Stop the NAU! Free Trade is the economic means to achieve a world system. Protectionism is the economic means to achieve a national system. Let’s repeal NAFTA and pass a new tariff act to protect our market, our sovereignty, and our nation. If the Tariff Act of 1789 was the “2nd declaration of independence”, let’s pass a 3rd one this year!

For more:

Comment by Wayne

North Carolinians Against Real ID has made progress. Join the fight. Contract the State Legislators, tell them you are opposed to the Real ID and ask them what their position is. Then forward that information to us. We are making it an election issues since they are all up for re-election this year. Help North Carolina to be the First to Reverse what they have already begun in North Carolina.

Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Do not allow evil to triumph. Do not do sit by and do nothing! GET UP AND CALL AND EMAIL THOSE LEGISLATORS!

We have them crafting Legislation Now to Oppose it but we need your support. Join us today!

Comment by JP

I have viewed the political events of the past half century a little differently than most. In point of fact, I have taken the “New World Order” very seriously, even though most with whom I have spoken to about it haven’t. It is pleasing to see a few of you have caught up to me.

The primary difficulty most people have is their inability to believe in conspiracy. My point has been for a great part of those 50 years that life is a conspiracy and we’ve all partaken in one at one time or another. So what is their problem? Size! They seem to think that a conspiracy on such an enormous scale could never take place.

Oh really. If the conspirators control the news media, the White House, the Senate, Academia, the pulpit, the Federal Reserve, the major corporations than it isn’t a conspiracy now, is it? It’s just the way things are done.

Comment by Dave

Where’d ya go?… I’m missing my favorite news site :(

Comment by nd

This is a really good site, and right along the same line of thinking as my own. Thanks and keep it up!


Comment by Collin Williams

Money must be backed by something of accepted value to both those who use it daily, and those who shift large amounts of it for gain, security, or altruism.
Gold can no longer back money – not enough and static, except in a few electronic functions. Oil & military power is being tried and failing.
Energy money, as printed nano-solar modules, or printed magnets, that can be directly converted to energy functions of real daily survival or sustenance through gathering activities is the answer. “Consent of the Governed” – this is the real “One World Governance”, not the phoney “oil dictatorship” that has been attempted.

Comment by Dekzsty Drive

Lots of good information; lots of good ideas.

But is anyone actually DOING anything to improve matters?

Comment by Wartooth the Old

I am glad i found your site,. This is a frightening thing going on. I live in a suberb of Denver. I do alot of business in the downtown aera.
What can an ordinary citizen do? I am 65 and hate what the government is doing to our country.

Comment by Sandra

I enjoy this sight and have been reading for a few years on all this, one thing for certain as a beginning is to spread the word that we have the most unfair voting system around, it is the worst of all voting systems. Those chosen, namely Bilderbergers, have always rigged the elec. college for their choice of president. read on:

Briefly summarizing the pros and cons of the various voting methods, let’s start with our current system.

Plurality voting is the simplest system possible because each person casts one vote for one candidate, so it’s very easy to count votes and so forth. The con, the one thing on which all the experts basically agree, is that plurality is the least fair of all the systems.

How about Borda?
The first modern system invented to try and better plurality voting was the Borda count, invented in 18th-century France by a guy named Jean-Charles de Borda. Unfortunately, it’s very easily manipulated. It’s used in sports a lot—for determining the Heisman Trophy, the most valuable player—where they basically take a poll or a ballot of sportswriters to find the best players. Unfortunately, if you have a player you like and rank him high, you might want to rank his rival at the very bottom of your list to penalize that rival. In fact, there’ve been scandals in sports where they do that. Borda basically said, “My system is intended for honest men,” and people weren’t entirely honest.

Condorcet was Borda’s great rival. He had a system where you rank the candidates, but the idea is that whichever candidate can beat all the other candidates in two-way races should be the winner. The main problem is sometimes you don’t have a candidate who beats everyone else. You can actually have a very weird situation where candidate A beats B, B beats C, and C beats A. It is also possible to manipulate.

Is approval voting a good way to go?
It’s very simple. It basically uses the same ballot we have now except, if you want, you can vote for more than one candidate, and whichever one gets the most votes tends to win. I’m not sure there’s any real known disadvantage. Approval is actually used in the U.N. for voting on the secretary general, and it was used in Renaissance Venice for 500 years and apparently it worked pretty well there.

What about instant runoff?
The voters rank the candidates based on how much they like them. It works quite well as long as you have what we might call a typical American election, where there’s a Republican and a Democrat and you’re sure one of those two is going to win. The problem is when you have three or more strong candidates as you would in the race for a party’s nomination, then it’s subject to some of the same vote-splitting effects as the plurality vote.

The emerging system of range voting.
Range voting is the newest in the sense of people being aware of it and promoting it: If you’re rating a video on YouTube you give it one to five stars, and they take that information and show you the average score of all the people who bother to rate it. We use it with a report card. The valedictorian of a school is the winner of a range vote by the teachers for each of their classes. In the Olympics, they hold up those cards to rate someone’s performance—that’s another example. People are pretty familiar with the idea. Nobody has given a convincing argument that there’s anything seriously wrong with it—the one thing you sometimes hear is it’s complicated, but that’s about it.

In 2000, mathematician Warren Smith published a study where he ran simulations to determine which of the common voting methods gave the most satisfactory, or least regrettable, outcome for the greatest number of voters. He found that range voting was the most fair.
That one paper has convinced a lot of people that we ought to be taking range voting pretty seriously.

How did the other methods rank?
The second best was approval voting, which is the short-form version of range voting. Instead of rating someone on one to five stars, or one to ten, you basically have two ratings—thumbs down and thumbs up—and it’s almost as good. Next is the Borda count, although this particular simulation doesn’t factor in that there’s an incentive to manipulate the vote, so I wouldn’t rate that as too great an endorsement—Condorcet voting is a little better. Then you get into instant runoff and then plurality voting, which is the worst of all these systems.
What if we had adopted range voting in 2000 or 2004?
It’s pretty clear Gore would have won Florida and New Hampshire, so Gore would have been the president. Bush’s victory over Kerry in most of the states was less than the Nader effect, so you still would have had a Bush victory.
How might it have affected the congressional races?
Libertarian spoiler Stan Jones was basically responsible for Democrat Jon Tester winning the Senate seat in Montana. That was the 51st Senate seat, so you can say this Libertarian spoiler was responsible for giving Democrats control of the Senate in 2006.

If range voting is superior, why hasn’t it been used in a real election?
People didn’t really have the idea this is something we should be trying in elections until 2000 and Smith’s study. So it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.
Of the alternatives, instant-runoff voting has the most momentum, and yet it’s flawed. When they started, no one was talking about range voting.

Which method most benefits the small parties?
Anything that addresses the spoiler effect. The Greens and Libertarians would probably get many more first-place votes or high scores than they do now. I think that would have the effect of legitimizing them and making it a little easier for them to raise money. Once you legitimize them, there would start to be elections in some areas of the country where they would be able to win a few races.

We’re still in a situation where the people in politics really don’t understand the various systems—it would almost have to be that the public would start having an outcry saying we want this, that, or the other thing. And that’s where FairVote has made a very useful contribution to the conversation, because they’ve managed to get people in some cities quite interested in the spoiler effect and what we can do to change it.
Do you think America will ever scrap plurality for something better?
You’d think 2000 would have been the wellspring of such a movement.

Comment by Vtor Lmpan

Subject: world system

Please review the Global Reserve Bank.

Comment by John Pozzi

“our fifth objective”?

What were the other four?

How many more are there?

Comment by James

Can anyone tell me exactly where this is from please?…..”Keep elevating the threat”…. “Talk about Somalia, the Philippines etc. Make the American people realise (sic) they are surrounded in the world by violent extremists”[43]” attributed to Donald Rumsfeld… but when? and where?

Comment by Ami Clarke

somewhere on internet, there is a video where German doctors (nobel prize winners) explain why it was “acceptable” and right to eliminate all the people with some handicap… exactly what scientists say today to promote pre-implant analysis or euthanasia.
It should be very interesting to compare old nazist video and new video of modern scientists…

Comment by Step

This site immediately lost credability with me when i watched some posted videos of Obama that are all cut up, and edited so he repeats the same phrase over and over again. You should choose your videos more carefully and refrain from posting videos probably edited by 13 year old kids on youtube

Comment by richard

Which video do you speak of? Please don’t tell me what to do with my own site, i always choose my content carefully and make sure its credible and is good enough for this blog, if you don’t like the content you can choose another site to visit.

Comment by infolution

I’d argue that the WTO is already the world government. Just today I read that we may or may not include a “Buy America” protection for American steel in our stimulus plan depending on whether the WTO finds the provision in violation of it’s trade policy. The People of America are subject to WTO decision-making, but we don’t have the opportunity to vote in WTO elections.

Comment by Hilary Smith

I strongly agree that the “choices” (e.g., democrat vs. republican and conservative vs. liberal) is bogus. The most important obstacle to ever having a choice is the successful overturn of the ownership and management of the mainstream media. The silent “war” to control “news” and “education” plus “entertainment” brain washing with Zionist values is a clear and present danger. Until this gets constant attention, things will grow worse. It is the “modern” 100 Year War of the World.

Comment by foggy jones

We do live in interesting times. It’s quite obvious that you’ve gone to considerable lengths to make sure that the site is slick and well researched. And I don’t mean slick in a bad way, in a good way. We live in a time when we have to be really careful about what we choose to read and take onboard because the mass media are all far right – being listed and operating on ratings only makes it worse (I note with some amusement that CNN are hiring a lot of people lately with European/British accents as opposed to their previous staple of nice-hair big-smile ex-quarterback/cheerleader types. Guess the international perception that US media couldn’t be trusted as being objective, period, really got to their PR/marketing folks). But, my point is really that the net result of the last administration has been that no-one now trusts anything, as in nothing, that comes of the States information-wise.

“Leftish” sites such as your own could merely be fronts for the CIA going fishing – looking for card-carrying commies aka. McCarthy. Probably not, but it’s possible; I’m sure that a fair number of “radical” sites in Arabic are probably CIA opps (to think that there was a time when what I am implying would have sounded absolutely delusional!). Remember that “Stock Exchange”-type terrorist action index thing that Rummy wanted to make? Which basically implied that big money always finds out where the next incident is going to happen and will position itself so that it stands to benefit – ergo, if you watch how they align themselves, you can work out which way it is going to go (if you don’t already know and aren’t betting anyay). As you point out Big Money is unashamedly dirty.

So I like the site because I think people need to know and baited or otherwise, sites such as yours provide people with access to that information.

One thing I find insanely interesting is that you adopt the approach that the US will not be slaves (like the Europeans) and give in to the common market, that US must strive to remain whole and independent. Well, I just can’t help thinking that that is the same isolationist view is what got you guys into trouble in the first place! How many times do you have to try the same model before you realise that it’s broke and that you’re part of a global community? Just asking. I see the exact same protectionist arguments coming from the US right! The US steel people, the Buy American folks (the companies of which birthed this current crisis and the CEOs of which are loving the fact that you’re buying American because they like incentives), anti-immigrant lobby. Which is why, when you guys stand there telling us about left and right … well, we just smile because we can’t see the difference. It’s like the king with no clothes.

Comment by The Flux

great information!! people need to know the truth and you are doing a great job of letting people know what is REALLY going on.

Comment by ali c

brilliant site!

Comment by mai

correct spelling : “root” not “rout” on your frontpage

Comment by Sean Grene

will you fight or bend over.
Patriots for a New Revolution

Comment by Rebel USA

Expose the specific people. Name them and then I will follow you anywhere. We can see their front men (women) but the are so carefully hiding themselves. Name names! Not just trends and movements but name them. Then we can take care of business. Name names.

Comment by sonny

What a load of bullshit.

Comment by Anonymous

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