Cops Beat Up Man After He Finds His Son Committed Suicide

Cops Beat Up Man After He Finds His Son Committed Suicide


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Welcome to the CRIMINAL JUST-US ENTERPRISE system, where humans have never gone before and where the alchemy whitch doctors spin a web of gold from their predacius decietful ways for there’s no better place to profit from human misfortune than the good old U.S.A.

Comment by Bruce Faulkner

It is obvious that criteria for becoming a police officer (once known as officers of the peace) today requires that they have sociopathic tendencies. Every day the ‘news’ shows cops out of control beating – kicking – stomping – or electrocuting (tasers). If in trouble DON”T Call Police for God’s sakes. A man’s son commits suicide and this is the response??? This is worse than a country run by a rabid dictatorship!! WHY are these men still working?

Comment by Jude Moriarty

fuck stinking cops ..i hope they all die ..cowards..oh,nothing to hide ,,fire and jail them all/this is wy there are no good cops ..they are all sociopaths out to get you and THen lie like little girls about their felonious behaviour…its time to pull the stops and defend ourselves against police..would be nice if whole neighborhoods would participoate in defending an innocent cictim..time is coming..usa is turning into russia

Comment by templeton st. william

It is unbelievable that the police could be so heartless.There are more and more cases of police brutality these days.Where are they getting there training? Seems as if they are preparing to put citizens into FEMA camps.Remember what they did to the Katrina victims.It is time we take our country back from these thugs.

Comment by Deana

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