Oil seen hitting $150 this summer: Goldman Sachs

Oil seen hitting $150 this summer: Goldman analyst

June 9, 2008

Oil prices are likely to hit $150 a barrel this summer season, the global head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs said on Monday, as tighter supplies outweigh weakening demand.

“I would suggest that the likelihood of that happening sooner has increased tremendously … sometime in summer,” Jeffrey Currie told an oil and gas conference in the Malaysian capital, referring to oil at $150 a barrel.

Goldman Sachs, the most active investment bank in energy markets and one of the first to point to triple-digit oil more than two years ago — a once unthinkable level — said last month oil could shoot up to $200 within the next two years as part of a “super spike.”

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Morgan Stanley Analyst Sees Oil Driven To $150 By July 4

Dow Jones
June 6, 2008

Strong demand from Asia will cause a short-term spike in oil prices to $150 a barrel by July 4, a Morgan Stanley analyst said Friday.

Oil prices took a big step in that direction Friday, with benchmark futures rising 5% and topping $134 a barrel in morning trading. A spike to $150 would significantly raise the risk of severe damage to oil-sensitive sectors.

Aviation executives have said even $125 oil wrecks the industry’s business model, and chemical companies like Dow Chemical (DOW) have sharply raised prices to accommodate the soaring cost of petroleum feedstocks. Retailers and others who rely on consumers with budgets pinched by high gasoline prices are also under stress.

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Gazprom predicts oil will reach $250 in 2009

Financial Times
June 10, 2008

Gazprom, Russia’s gas monopoly, on Tuesday predicted oil prices would reach $250 a barrel in 2009.

The striking prediction came as the International Energy Agency, the developed world’s energy watchdog, warned that record high prices were needed to choke off demand in order to balance the oil market.

It is the IEA’s most candid admission to date that oil supply is struggling to catch up with Asian demand, and follows the sharp rise in prices last week, which saw crude jump more than $16.24 in less than 36 hours to a record $139.12.


Gazprom’s prediction came at a strategy presentation in Deauville, where Alexei Miller, chief executive, said: “Today we are witnessing a very great change for hydrocarbons. The level is very high and we think it [the price of oil] will reach $250 a barrel.” A company spokesman specified that Gazprom believed that level would be hit in 2009.

That is substantially higher than forecasts by analysts, who see oil prices in 2009 ranging between $100 and $200.

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$250 or bust: oil baffles experts

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