Movie Goers to Expect Bomb Frisks, CCTV Cameras

Movie Goers To Get Bomb Frisks

Nigel Nelson
July 27, 2008

Cinema-GOERS may be searched on the way into shows in a new crackdown on suicide bombers.

Theatres, restaurants and hotels will also be covered in an anti-terror blueprint to be published by Security Minister Lord West later this year.

Diners, hotel guests and theatre-goers could all have to undergo searches.

And designers of public buildings will need to get security advice from “police architectural liaison officers” on how to make buildings bomb-proof. “We are developing guidance to explain the Government’s approach to protection,” said Lord West.

From next month owners of pubs, bars and clubs will also be able to take part in exercises with police to make their premises safe.

Using multi-media DVD simulation they will be told how to spot suspicious customers and evacuate their buildings.

CCTV Cameras installed in cinemas

Jon Swaine
London Telegraph
July 23, 2008

The cameras, which cost £30,000 each, have been installed at several Odeon cinemas across the country, allowing the audience in each screen to be monitored by staff in the foyer.

They have been installed at nine cinemas in major cities, including Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and London, and the company plans to install them in all newly built cinemas.

Human rights groups and cinema-goers have expressed their concerns at the introduction of cameras to yet another area of life, with some declaring them an invasion into the audience’s privacy.

Liberty, the civil liberties campaign group, has called for Odeon to make every audience member aware that they are being filmed.

Liberty’s Policy Officer, Gareth Crossman said: “Film-goers should be informed of the presence of the cameras so that they can go elsewhere if they are unhappy with being filmed themselves.”

James Dolan, 26, from Birmingham, who described himself as a regular cinema-goer, said: “I go to the cinema to watch other people be filmed, not to be filmed myself.

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