US prepares 14-ton super bomb to blow up Iran’s nuclear objects

USA prepares 14-ton super bomb to blow up Iran’s nuclear objects

Vremya Novostei
Pravda Russia
October 12, 2007

The USA may not only try to destroy the Iranian army and put an end to the nuclear program of Teheran. It may also turn Iran into a test ground for up-to-date weapons. The chairman of the Iran Policy Committee Advisory Council, the former deputy commander of the US Air Force headquarters, Retired Lieutenant-General Thomas McInerney, says that the key instrument to punish Iran is ready. He says the USA has a powerful 14-ton penetrative bomb capable of reaching targets deep under the surface (supposedly Iran’s nuclear objects). In his live appearance on the US TV channel Fox News the lieutenant-general explained that the bomb’s performance was even superior to the vacuum bomb Russia had previously tested. Iranian President Ahmadinejad should know that there is no target that the bomb can not hit, Thomas McInerney added.

Iran does not want to stop its nuclear program and as the USA insists it also supports Shiite guerillas in Iraq. The other day commander of the US Army in Iraq Major-General Kevin Bergner told that Iranian weapons had been used recently against the American Camp Victory near the international airport of Baghdad. Three missiles aimed at the camp were of the same type weapons that Shiite forces had got from Iranian sources some time ago; these days it is used against the coalition forces.

Fox News reports with reference to well-informed sources in the US Presidential Administration that a probable war campaign against Iran is being actively discussed on all levels. Thomas McInerney insists that it was Germany that unintentionally gave the go-ahead to the anti-Iran campaign. A week ago, Germany refused to support another toughening of sanctions against Teheran proposed by the UN Security Council.

Recently, Teheran has started more active cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the fact produced a really positive impression upon many members of the European Union. However, the general says that Washington considered Berlin’s stand as tacit consent to air attacks on nuclear objects of Iran.

Fox News reports that some politicians and military men are trying to persuade US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that it is no use to solve the Iranian nuclear problem in a diplomatic way and it is high time to start a war operation there. The TV channel adds that secretary’s assistant for international security and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons John Rood, secretary’s senior advisor for Mideast affairs and coordinator for Iraq James Jeffrey, Assistant to the President For National Security Affairs Stephen Hadley and Vice-president Richard Cheney support the idea of using force against Iran. According to Fox News, all of them are ‘mournfully happy’ to remind that they had warned beforehand that Iranians were no disposed to diplomacy.

Meanwhile, vice-president of the Russian Collegium of Army Experts Major-General Alexander Vladimirov thinks it would be reckless for Washington to attack Iran after the dubious success of the US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. In an interview to the Vremya Novostei newspaper the major-general said that even if Americans managed to fulfill their military plans concerning Iran it is highly likely that the number of terrorist attacks committed on the USA territory in requital for this war campaign would considerably increase. General Mohammad Ali Jaafari, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Coprs said the other day that he knew some weak points of the US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan that would be attacked in case of US aggression against Iran.

With reference to well-informed sources in the White House Fox News reports that the US political and military authorities are considering two scenarios of fighting against Iran. The first one supposes absolute blockade of petrol supplies to Iran and end of Iranian oil export. But the action will turn out to be very painful rather for the Iranian civilian population not for the top-management of the country. The second variant includes a large-scale bombing of numerous targets on the territory of Iran from the air. It is planned that before air raids US military men will destroy Iran’s air defense systems.

American experts are sure that it will take at least a week to bomb Iranian nuclear objects. Thomas McInerney thinks it would be better to start a massive air attack on Iran involving 65-70 jet bombers made using the Stealth technology and thus invisible for radars and also with 400 regular bombers. He says that such an air attack could be conducted for at least 48 hours, and after that the Iranian people may take the country back into its own hands.

Major-General Alexander Vladimirov has considered US’s plan of an attack on Iran and now comments on it. He says that US Air Force aircrafts should first neutralize Iran’s anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense objects, then liquidate Iran’s air force, firing pads and destroy the army control system. The actions will help reduce US’s own losses and prevent response attacks on the US forces in Iraq and Israel, the Russian expert adds.

It is only after the above measures that Americans may start liquidating Iran’s nuclear objects, Alexander Vladimirov says. He is sure that such an American campaign will not have any time limits and will continue until Iranian targets are absolutely destroyed. If done this way, the USA will not need any surface operation in Iran at all, and Iran’s nuclear program will be completely destroyed.

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Possible Sabotage With Deutsche Bank Fire?

Possible Sabotage With Deutsche Bank Fire?

NY Daily News
August 23, 2007

The FDNY was supposed to inspect the condemned former Deutsche Bank building – where two firefighters died in a horrific blaze – every 15 days, the Daily News learned yesterday.

The spot checks should have included inspecting the crucial standpipe system, which was broken when the inferno erupted Saturday and failed to deliver water to the upper floors.

The discovery came as a bitter blame game erupted with city firefighters ripping FDNY brass, another firefighters group blasting the demolition contractor, and Mayor Bloomberg struggling to reassure everyone the incident would be thoroughly investigated.

It also came as the Manhattan district attorney and the state attorney general announced separate probes into the fire that claimed the lives of Firefighters Robert Beddia and Joe Graffagnino.

Among other issues, investigators were expected to look into why a piece of the standpipe was found lying on the basement floor and whether it was an act of sabotage – or gross negligence.

“Nobody at this point knows whether that was a contributing factor to the two tragic deaths or not,” Bloomberg said. “That’s what an investigation is for.”

The city’s administrative code clearly spells out what the FDNY’s responsibilities are when it comes to buildings that are being demolished.

“Deputy chiefs shall cause continued inspections of buildings in the course of construction and demolition at least every fifteen (15) days, but more often where conditions dictate,” it states.

Steve Cassidy, the head of the city’s fire union, said the Fire Department had told the local firehouse over a year ago to stop inspecting the standpipe system because of health concerns in the toxic building.

“They were told that they should no longer do that because the air quality in that building was not safe,” he said.

Cassidy also called on state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to investigate “not only the FDNY’s actions,” but also the contractors and the government agencies that were supposed to supervise the demolition.

“We’re not saying this fire should not have been fought, but we’re saying that firefighters shouldn’t take unnecessary risks in empty buildings, especially ones that are about to be torn down,” Cassidy said.

A high-ranking FDNY source disputed Cassidy’s claim that the inspections were called off.

“We did not inspect the site every 15 days,” he said, adding that the decision was made in part because specialized equipment was needed to enter certain areas of the building.

But he also said, “We have no evidence that the local units were told not to conduct inspections.”

The FDNY has not officially released any inspection records for the building, but the source told The News that it was checked in 2005 – with a complete evaluation of the standpipe system – and again sometime in 2006.

Uniformed Fire Officers President John McDonnell said firefighters arriving at the burning building were not given critical information by Bovis Lend Lease, the contracting agent in charge of the demolition, or its subcontractor, John Galt Corp.

For example, McDonnell said, they did not know the stairway doors were sealed on every other floor – and were stunned to discover open shafts in the floors that allowed the fire to race up and down the building.

The contractors have not spoken publicly about the fire.

“We talked to Bovis,” said Avi Schick, chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., which owns the building.

“They haven’t answered all of the questions yet. We will pursue the truth until we get it.”

Investigators suspect a discarded cigarette or improperly secured equipment sparked the fire. They have questioned many of the workers, most of them Polish or Ecuadoran, who were toiling in the building when the fire broke out, but have made no arrests.

There are precedents for bringing criminally negligent homicide charges against people whose actions caused the deaths of firefighters.

After Lt. Curtis Meyran and Firefighter John Bellew died while battling a Bronx blaze in January 2005, the building manager and two tenants were charged for allegedly carving the structure into a maze of illegal apartments.

The 41-story Deutsche Bank building overlooking Ground Zero was badly damaged in the Sept. 11 attacks. The LMDC has been criticized for the slow pace of demolition. The structure had been whittled down to 26 stories when the fire broke out.

Esther Regelson, 48, who lives on Washington St. near the building, said at a Community Board 1 meeting last night that officials have learned nothing.

“It was 9/11 revisited,” she said of the fire. “I stood there, watching the building burning, wondering if it’s going to collapse.”

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