Fake Conservative Coulter To Vote For Fake Liberal Hillary

Fake Conservative Coulter To Vote For Fake Liberal Hillary

Steve Watson
February 1, 2008

Neo-con lapdog bigmouth Ann Coulter has declared that she will vote for HIllary Clinton should John McCain win the GOP nomination, declaring Clinton to be “more conservative”.

“If he’s our candidate, then Hillary’s going to be our girl,” Coulter stated on Hannity and Colmes.

“Because she’s more conservative than he is. I think she would be stronger on the war on terrorism. … I absolutely believe that. … I will campaign for her if it’s McCain.”

“He has led the fight against — well, as you say, interrogations, I say torture — at Guantanamo. She hasn’t done that.”

Hannity injected himself into the conversation by reminding Coulter “He did support the war,” to which she snapped back “So did Hillary.

“When George Bush said at the State of the Union Address that the surge is working in Iraq, Obama sat on his hands, Kennedy sat on his hands — Hillary leapt up and applauded.” Coulter continued.

Many right wing neocon blogs are remaining silent, seemingly baffled by Coulter’s remarks. However, it should come as no surprise that someone such as Coulter, and possibly even Rush Limbaugh, would endorse HIllary given that Clinton voted for the war in Iraq and the freedom stripping Patriot Act and is the embodiment of big government and the establishment in Washington.

Another Clinton in office would mean America being under the thiefdom of either a Bush or a Clinton for a total of at least 32 years, 36 if Hillary is re-elected (many now acknowledge that H.W. Bush pulled the strings as VP during the Reagan era), and they still say anyone can become President! What a pathetic joke!

Hillary’s presidential financiers include Neo-Con kingpin and Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, with whom she often meets and parties with along with Roger Ailes and other Republican big wigs. While Bill has been hanging around with the Bushes, Hillary has also been living it up with the likes of Newt Gingrich, Bill Frist, John McCain and Rick Santorum.

Last year it was revealed that the Bush White House is quietly providing back-channel advice to Hillary, urging her to modulate her rhetoric so she can effectively prosecute the war in Iraq if and when elected president.

Just as we have long predicted, Fox News and its hacks such as Coulter, who when not declaring that the US should nuke North Korea “for fun” continually champion torture and the curtailing of rights in the “war against terror”, are now declaring Clinton as the anointed one, ludicrously declaring her to be conservative.

These embedded neocons know that Hillary will have a field day with the freedom burning precedents set by the Bush cabal, just as her husband did throughout the nineties, increasing the size of government exponentially.

The only real conservative in this race is of course Congressman Ron Paul. As a major study by the National Tax Payer’s Union has asserted, Ron Paul is the only candidate who will reduce the size of government. Ron Paul is the only candidate who voted against the war. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has consistently voted for balanced budgets and against raising taxes. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has pledged to deal with the problem of illegal immigration in a way that is based in reality and does not consist of changing the name of it. To use the Congressman’s own words he is “the only one”.

As we have also previously reported, Ron Paul is the only candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton.

If Coulter and her ilk were real conservatives the choice would be a no-brainer. It is patently obvious however that they are not.

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Roger Ailes Lectures About ‘The Military And The Media’

Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Lectures West Point Cadets About ‘The Military And The Media’

Think Progress
November 19, 2007

Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes was the guest teacher for two classes today at the United States Military Academy at West Point, lecturing cadets on “the overall historical relationship between the military and the media.” Ailes, who never served in the military, will also deliver a lecture there this evening on “a variety of media topics.”

As the boss at Fox News, Ailes has had no qualms about crossing the line from journalist to armchair general. Here are some of the lessons Ailes might be expected to impart to the military:

Lesson 1: The Public Won’t Support You, Unless You Do Things “Harshly”: Soon after 9/11, according to Bob Woodward, Ailes sent a “back-channel message” to President Bush, suggesting that he needed to take “the harshest measures possible” in retaliation for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. He added that “support” for war “would dissipate if the public did not see Bush acting harshly.”

Lesson 2: The Public Does Not Need To Know The Full Reasons For Going To War: In 2003, a University of Maryland study found that “those who receive most of their news from Fox News are more likely than average to have misperceptions” about basic facts related to the war. 80 percent of those who relied on Fox News as their primary news source believed at least one of three lies: the discovery of alleged WMD in Iraq, alleged Iraqi involvement in 9/11, and international support for a U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Lesson 3: When Things Go Bad, The Public Doesn’t Need To Know: “Fox spent half as much time covering the Iraq war than MSNBC during the first three months” of 2007, “and considerably less than CNN.” Fox News “were obviously cheerleaders for the war,” said CNN U.S. President Jon Klein. “When the war went badly they had to dial back coverage because it didn’t fit their preconceived story lines.”

Most importantly, Ailes’ military philosophy holds that if someone “can’t face Fox’s” biased journalism, then they “can’t face al Qaeda.”


Hillary Confronted on Bilderberg in Oakland

Hillary Confronted on Bilderberg in Oakland

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