Ron Paul President’s Day Money Bomb Today!

Ron Paul President’s Day Money Bomb, Monday Feb. 18th
This is a slideshow to promote the Ron Paul “President’s Day” Money-Bomb on Monday, February 18th. The Goal: 100,000 Ron Paul “Revolutionaries” to donate $10 Dollars. Make a pledge to, but please make sure to mark your calendar’s and donate to the official campaign at Keep the movement alive!


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Ron Paul Finishes Second in Maine Caucus

Ron Paul Beats McCain in Maine Caucus, Primed to Win Over 1/3 of State Delegates
In the race for delegates, Ron Paul appears to closely trail Romney for first place

Ron Paul 2008

February 4, 2008


ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – While most reports about this past weekend’s Maine Caucus focused on the purely symbolic presidential preference poll, in the meaningful race to secure delegates to the state convention Ron Paul is primed to finish second with likely 35 percent of the total delegates.

Delegates to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis are elected by the state delegates. Internal results from 10 of 16 counties, including the largest cities of Portland, South Portland, Lewiston, Auburn, Augusta, Waterville, Bangor, and Brewer, show Ron Paul picking up 215 of 608 State Convention delegates so far reported, or 35%.

“Ron Paul’s strong second place finish in Maine, in which he beat John McCain, is proof that this race is far from over,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. “We’ll continue to battle for every delegate in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination.”

In the presidential preference poll, with 70 percent reporting, Ron Paul is in third place just two percentage points behind John McCain. However, the Maine preference poll is purely a beauty contest, and in the actual election of state delegates the so-called “frontrunner” McCain is far behind Ron Paul.


Ron Paul Second in Maine State Delegates with 35%
Romney has 52% of the vote while Paul has secured 35% of the state delegates who will allocate Maine’s 18 national delegates in May.

Gary Wood
Nolan Chart
February 4, 2008

The final State Caucus before Super Tuesday is projected to be won by Governor Mitt Romney based on 74% of the presidential preference poll votes in Mitt Romney has 52%. There’s a battle for second place, in popular votes, going on between Ron Paul and John McCain. As of 4:34est the Maine Republican Party website showed there were just 154 votes separating the two with over 25% of the caucus locations still to report in.

According to a press release by Jesse Benton, of the Ron Paul campaign, the Texas Congressman, with his message of liberty and freedom, has already picked up 215 of the total 608 Maine state delegates. This number could increase as results come in from the final 6 counties. 35% of the state delegates place him second behind Mitt Romney even though McCain has a slight lead in the popular vote. There is no way for John McCain to catch Ron Paul in state delegate count even if he holds on to his slim lead in polling simply based on cities and caucus locations already won by Ron Paul

Although many major newspapers are giving all 18 Maine National Delegates to Mitt Romney that is not the case. State delegates in Maine are non-binding. The actual allocation of the 18 national delegates will not be determined until May 2 when the Maine Republican Party State Convention is going to be held and the state delegates will then decide.

“Ron Paul’s strong second place finish in Maine, in which he beat John McCain, is proof that this race is far from over,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. “We’ll continue to battle for every delegate in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination.”


Paul Draws Big Denver Crowd

Denver Post

February 3, 2008

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The alarm in the Colorado Convention Center employee’s voice was verging on panic.

“That room is packed so tight it’s not even funny,” he shouted into a radio Friday night as the Segway he was riding hummed and swerved down a wide carpeted hallway.

The crowd for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul was so large it surprised his own organizers. They were forced to hurriedly open partitions to double the size of the ballroom space minutes before Paul’s scheduled appearance in the Four Seasons Ballroom. When that wasn’t enough hundreds of people stood rimming the hall that sits 1,536.

“I’m just totally dumbfounded,” Paul said as he began his speech before a raucous sign-waving crowd. “The enthusiasm seems to be growing. Freedom is popular.”

Many of his supporters boldly predicted he would win more delegates in the state then front runners Sen. John McCain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney even though Paul has yet to win a majority in any state primary.

“He’s real strong in Colorado,” said Vince Holcomb, 45, a massage therapist from Centennial. “Ron Paul is a lot higher in the polls than the mainstream media publicize.”

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February 1 Ron Paul “Money Bomb”
January 31, 2008, 3:46 pm
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February 1 Ron Paul “Money Bomb”

The Presidential Candidates
January 27, 2008

The latest fund raising “money bomb” created by Ron Paul supporters is to be held on February 1 to celebrate the 51st wedding anniversary of Ron Paul and his wife Carol Paul. This “money bomb” is designed not only to raise money for the Ron Paul campaign but to highlight the real family values of Ron Paul in comparison to the other Republican presidential candidates.

As with all of the other money bombs created by Ron Paul supporters, the Ron Paul campaign had nothing to do with the planning of this event.

All donations to Ron Paul should be made via his campaign website: Donate to Ron Paul.

If you would like to pledge to donate on February 1 go to

As stated on the website, the goal of the 51 years money bomb is to “bring together 100,000 people to donate $51 each, creating a one day donation total of $5,100,000.”

Click here to keep up with Ron Paul’s fund raising numbers.


Ron Paul’s ‘money bomb,’ records and lessons

Ron Paul’s ‘money bomb,’ records and lessons

Baltimore Sun

November 6, 2007

Ron Paul, the libertarian/Republican/anti-Iraq-war candidate for president, has declared “a day for the record books.”

His claim – that the congressman from Texas has raised over $3 million in one day of online fundraising, a record – might be outdone in the record books only by Paul’s election as president.

That so many people have invested so much in someone who stands such little apparent chance of winning his party’s presidential nomination, let alone the White House, speaks volumes about alienation in modern American politics.

It is the same alienation that once handed H. Ross Perot close to 20 percent of the presidential vote. It is the same alienation that handed Ralph Nader just enough of the vote to deny Democrat Al Gore an Electoral College victory to accompany his popular-vote majority.

It is people voting for someone other than the establishment, odds be damned.

Paul already had raised a stunning $5 million in the last quarter, and he has set a goal of $12 million for this final quarter of the year. And, according to his campaign Web-site, Paul raised more than $3.1 million in 19 hours on Monday, marking the single largest fundraising effort of the 2008 election cycle.

As of 4 pm, the campaign maintained, it had raised $2.7 million, surpassing the record for the largest online presidential primary fundraising effort in a single day, and by 6:30 pm, the campaign said it had surpassed Republican Mitt Romney’s $3.1 million record for single-day fundraising this year. This morning, the Web-haul was reported at $3.8 million-plus.

If Paul can pull $3 million in a day, $12 million in a quarter should be a piece of cake — but a cake only lasts so long.

In one day, the Paul campaign asserts, more than 35,000 supporters had contributed to the building of the “money bomb.”

This is the bombshell which Paul suggests he needs to convince “the mainstream media” that he is a real candidate.

There’s one problem with this financial calculation. There are only so many times that the same 35,000 people can contribute – an equation which Democrat Howard Dean encountered, in somewhat larger numbers, albeit with the same ultimate result, in 2004 — and it’s unlikely that all of them live in Iowa, or in New Hampshire, where money might translate into the votes necessary to catapult someone into the second stage of the primaries.
Dean ran up record-breaking fundraising tallies in his upstart — and also anti-war — campaign for president. But his campaign was undone literally overnight by an under-performing turnout in the Iowa caucuses, and finished off with his own scream heard ’round the world.

Self-styled “maverick” John McCain set a one-day record of $1 million following his stunning upset of Texan George Bush in the New Hampshire Republican primary election of 2000, only to be run over in South Carolina by the self-styled “reformer with results” – who, as it happens, did establish a fundraising record for presidential campaigns in 2000 along with his Nader-assisted election victory.

At the end of the day, Paul’s contributors will be satisfied with their statement about an electoral system that does not, for the most part, speak to their interests.

Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton, calling Paul’s contributors “diverse,” has attempted to define the “Ron Paul coalition.”

It is “the Old Right,” people whom he describes as Robert Taft and Barry Goldwater Republicans, gun-rights advocates – he calls Paul “probably the strongest supporter of Second Amendment rights in the Congress” – progressives who want to end the war and are “sick of what they’re getting from the Democrats,” and social conservatives who oppose abortion – Paul says it’s not enough to overturn Roe v Wade; he wants a constitutional amendment taking abortion out of the purview of the federal courts.

But most of all, it’s people who look at the current field of leading presidential candidates, second-tier presidential candidates and even third-tier presidential candidates and say, none of the above.

And there may well be big money to be raised, indeed record money, outside the walls of the major parties’ castles. Paul is proof.


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