Cheney & Obama Distant Cousins note: Dick Cheney is a former director of the CFR and Michelle Obama is on the Board of Directors in the Chicago branch of the CFR.

Cheney & Obama Distant Cousins


October 15, 2007

They may be polar opposites politically but US Vice-President Dick Cheney and Democratic candidate Barack Obama are related, Mr Cheney’s wife says.

Lynne Cheney said she had discovered while doing family research for a new book that her husband and the Illinois senator were eighth cousins.

She said she traced a common ancestor of the two men to be a 17th century immigrant from France.

She described the connection as “amazing”.

“This is such an amazing American story that one ancestor… could be responsible down the family line for lives that have taken such different and varied paths.”

According to Mrs Cheney’s spokeswoman, Mr Obama is distantly related to Mareen Duvall, whose son Samuel married the granddaughter of Mr Cheney’s ancestor, also called Richard Cheney.

Mr Obama’s spokesman, Bill Burton, responded to the news by saying: “Every family has a black sheep.”

Mr Cheney, the brooding neo-conservative closely associated with the decision to invade Iraq, has little else in common with Mr Obama.

Mr Obama, the son of a Kenyan man and a white woman from Kansas, has earned epithets like “rock star” because of his popularity among young Democrats, and a reputation as a liberal because of his voting record in the Senate.

Lynne Cheney: Cheney and Obama are distant cousins


Lynne Cheney Booed by Daily Show Audience

Lynne Cheney: Terrorist Attacks Worldwide Don’t Affect ‘American Interests’

Think Progress
October 11, 2007

A frequent Bush administration talking point in defense of the “war on terror” is claiming that United States has not been attacked since 9/11.

Yesterday, Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Cheney, reiterated this point on The Daily Show, claiming that terrorists regularly struck between 1993 and 2001 but not since 9/11. “It’s been more than six years. And that is not an accident. … There were many attacks between 1993 and the World Trade Centers coming down in 2001,” Cheney said.

Stewart rebutted Cheney’s claim by listing off the many terrorist attacks around the world since 9/11:

I mean, there was the anthrax thing. … [Terrorists] have been doing that all these past six years. The Spanish bombings, the English bombings, and then all the bombs in Iraq.

Cheney replied that attacks on other countries were not relevant to the discussion: “Yes, yes. But we’re talking about American interests.” The audience booed Cheney’s remarks. An incredulous Stewart responded, “Aren’t we interested in [attacks on those countries]? I’d assumed they were our allies.”

Watch it:

Worldwide terror attacks are rising as a result of the policies Cheney supports. A State Department terrorism report released this year showed a nearly 30 percent increase in worldwide terror attacks in 2006. Prior to an attempted terrorist attack in London in June, British experts warned that the war in Iraq had increased the threat of terror attacks on their country.

A White House report released this week also stated that al Qaeda remains the “most serious and dangerous” terrorist threat and “is expected to intensify attempts to place agents inside the United States.”

Evidently, according to Cheney’s logic, even though almost 170,000 U.S. troops are in Iraq, bombings and terrorist attacks there don’t have anything to do with our nation’s “interests.”