We Are Change Confronts Tim Russert

We Are Change Confronts Tim Russert


Al Gore Disrupted by anti-New World Order Protesters

Al Gore’s lecture disrupted by protesters

Jones Report
October 15, 2007

Austin, TX – Al Gore’s recent presentation of An Inconvenient Truth , which has now been challenged on its accuracy in UK courts, was interrupted by protesters led by GCN radio host Jack Blood.

Though he was booed and silenced by brainwashed audience members, Blood and other demonstrators attempted to draw attention to the fact that the global warming agenda and the environmental movement are used as fronts for world government plans as well as intentions to depopulate the earth, heavily regulate the lives of ordinary people and use carbon taxation schemes to fund it.

A very innocent sounding Al Gore acknowledged the outburst, stating, “I’m not sure what this is about,” before returning to his attempts to “put a price on the carbon.”