Video Shows Feds Firing On Ed Brown Supporter

Video Shows Feds Firing On Ed Brown’s Dog Walker Last Summer

Steve Watson
March 28, 2008

A newly released video has corroborated the account of Danny Riley, a supporter of income tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown, who claimed that he was fired at by US federal agents hiding in the woods outside the Brown’s New Hampshire home last Summer.

Infowars and Prisonplanet extensively covered the events in Plainfield, N.H. last year, where Ed and Elaine Brown remained in their home for months, refusing to face trial and subsequent conviction on charges of non-payment of income taxes.

The couple were arrested peacefully last August, after the long stand off, when agents infiltrated the property posing as supporters.

The new video, shot by the feds on June 7th, shows men in full jungle camouflage gear, lining the approach to the Brown’s driveway as Riley approaches walking their dog.

After recognizing the dog’s awareness of someone in the area, Riley surveys the scene for a few minutes before the camouflaged agents are discovered and reveal themselves.

As Riley turns and runs, one of the agents clearly fires a shot, you can see the long gun and a burst of smoke.

After Riley was caught and tased several times he was arrested and interrogated for several hours. When the authorities let him go he videoed a personal testimony of what had happened and posted it on the internet, despite having been threatened with a lengthy prison sentence should he talk to the media.

Riley stated that after yelling to ask what one man was doing, another man in camouflage popped up in front of Riley and yelled “freeze” after which Riley turned and ran.

“At that point, a round went down range right by my head – I heard it whiz by me – I was screaming at the top of my lungs – don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me I’m unarmed,” Riley said.

It became clear that Riley had averted a planned siege that was only aborted after his disappearance gave the Browns early warning that militarized police and SWAT teams were descending on their home.

U.S. Marshals downplayed the entire incident and denied any kind of siege was being planned. They also denied that any shots had been fired, a claim which now clearly appears to be false.

Read the Prisonplanet report from June 8th.

Watch the newly released video of agents firing at Riley:

The video, which was provided to Riley’s legal defense team, was subsequently acquired by Ridley Report and posted to Youtube.

As the commentator states, supporters of the Browns who have viewed the video have pointed out a major issue with the footage.

As the federal agents are discovered by the dog, the footage reverts to a low resolution for the remainder of the video. Supporters have highlighted that this could hide critical details.

Riley is currently standing trial on charges of conspiring with two other men to “help federal fugitives evade capture”, providing weapons and handling explosives. If convicted Riley, along with Jason Gerhard and Cirino Gonzalez, faces years behind bars.

So far the court has been provided emails and heard recordings of Riley and the other men, which the prosecution says prove their intent to acquire weapons and instigate violence at the Brown property.

However, there has been no forensic evidence showing weapons and explosives were handled by any of the men.

The Defense attorneys have argued that the men left the Browns’ house months before federal agents searched the property. The situation escalated in the final months of the standoff, the attorneys said, and not one of the men was there when the weapons were found.

Most of the audio recordings were of various calls to radio shows in which Riley and the others refer to the standoff as “the beginning of the revolution to take the country back from those thieving international bankers” and “the new world order”.

One in particular was a call Riley made regarding an incident after he had returned to the Browns’ home in late July when he reported 30-40 shots being fired in what was a probable attempt at provocation to goad the Browns and their supporters into a violent response.

The trial seems to hinge on proving that the men and the Browns were intent on causing violence. The fact remains, however, that no violent provocation was ever carried out by them or on their behalf. The evidence shows that the same cannot be said of the federal agents involved in the case.

The trial is expected to conclude in around two weeks time.

Elaine Brown Suffers Broken Wrist


IRS Auctions Off Ed Brown’s Possessions
February 11, 2008, 12:38 pm
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IRS Auctions Off Ed Brown’s Possessions

Nashua Telegraph
February 8, 2008

An Internal Revenue Service auction of tax evader Elaine Brown’s possessions netted the government nearly $80,000.

A Queens, N.Y., man placed the winning $32,250 bid for a 32.15-ounce bar of Engelhard gold. Peter Rhee intends to give the golden prize to his three grown children as an investment, he said.

The IRS seized the gold bar and other valuables from Brown after she and her husband, Ed Brown, surrendered to federal agents last fall after a standoff in which the couple threatened to use violence if the government invaded their Plainfield property.

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Wesley Snipes to fight IRS
January 15, 2008, 11:40 am
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Wesley Snipes to fight IRS

NY Times

January 14, 2008


From 1999 to 2004, the actor Wesley Snipes earned $38 million appearing in more than half a dozen movies, including two sequels to his popular vampire thriller “Blade.”

The taxes he paid in the same period? Zero.

But unlike other celebrities who find themselves on the wrong side of the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Snipes has a flamboyant explanation: he argues that he is not actually required to pay taxes.

Mr. Snipes, who is scheduled to go on trial Monday in Ocala, Fla., has become an unlikely public face for the antitax movement, whose members maintain that Americans are not obligated to pay income taxes and that the government extracts taxes from its citizens illegally.

His trial has become the most prominent income tax prosecution since the 1989 conviction of the billionaire New York hotelier, Leona Helmsley, who went to prison for improperly billing personal expenses to her business.

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America: Freedom to Fascism


Former IRS agent convicted of failing to pay taxes
November 1, 2007, 9:18 am
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Former IRS agent convicted of failing to pay taxes
Stone Mountain woman testifies she believes she wasn’t required to file returns

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
October 31, 2007

Sherry Peel Jackson, a former IRS revenue agent and certified public accountant, told a federal jury Tuesday she was sure she did not have to file income tax returns.

But after less than 30 minutes of deliberations, the jury convicted Jackson of failing to file income tax returns for four years, despite an income of more than $400,000 during that time, according to prosecutors.

The Stone Mountain woman faces a maximum of four years in prison. She will be sentenced early next year.

Jackson, 45, did not fit the typical profile of a criminal defendant. She worked as a revenue agent from 1988 to 1995 and then as an accountant.

But in July 2000, Jackson testified, she began to question whether she had to pay income taxes. By the following year, she decided she was not going to file a tax return.

Sitting at the witness stand, with large books of federal regulations and the tax code in front of her, Jackson said she could not find any section of the tax code that held her liable for income taxes.

“I’d done a lot of research and I was just about sure,” she testified. “I did not have to file an income tax return.”

During cross-examination, assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Langway read Section 1 of the tax code to Jackson, who is married. A tax is imposed on “every married individual,” Langway read, asking Jackson how she could not be an individual.

“I couldn’t find the definition of ‘individual,’ ” Jackson replied.

Lowell H. Becraft Jr., one of Jackson’s attorneys, told jurors they should not convict her of willfully disobeying the law because Jackson had a “good faith” reason to believe she did not have to file taxes. He reminded the jury Jackson attended Tuskegee University in Alabama and the University of Georgia, raised a family and lived the life of an ordinary American.

“You may have never heard of this before,” Becraft said. “To you, it may sound wild. It may sound crazy. … But she believes she’s not required to file tax returns.”

Langway called Jackson’s reasoning “cockamamie” and “absurd.”

“She’s an ‘individual’ — she knows that,” Langway said. “You should disbelieve everything she said.”

Jackson was once entrusted with protecting IRS laws when she served as a revenue agent, Rodney Clarke, IRS criminal investigation special agent in charge, said in a statement.

The verdict, he said, “indicates that she knew exactly what she was doing when she stopped filing her own individual tax returns. While taxpayers such as Ms. Jackson have the right to contest their tax liabilities in the courts, taxpayers do not have the right to violate and disobey tax laws. The law establishing the requirement to file tax returns is crystal clear.”


Tax Evaders’ Property Now in Feds’ Hands

Tax Evaders’ Property Now in Feds’ Hands


October 19, 2007

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The property where two tax evaders holed up for months refusing to surrender and serve prison sentences has been cleared of explosives and seized by the federal government.

Explosives teams needed two weeks to find, remove and blow up a large number of homemade bombs and dismantle booby traps, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said Thursday. The wooded, 110-acre property in Plainfield includes a solar- and wind-powered home.

Ed and Elaine Brown had holed up there since walking out of their federal trial in January. They were arrested this month by federal agents who posed as supporters. They are now serving 5-year prison sentences.

Elaine Brown’s dental office in nearby Lebanon also was seized by the Treasury Department. The properties may be sold to cover the Browns’ unpaid federal income taxes. They were convicted of hiding $1.9 million in income between 1996 and 2003 to avoid paying the federal income tax, which they believe is not legitimate.

The seized properties are posted with “No Trespassing — Government Property” signs, and federal authorities warned that anyone attempting to enter without permission can be arrested.

The Browns’ standoff was sustained by stores of food, supplies from supporters and a fan base stoked by postings on the Internet.

Four of their supporters have been charged with helping the Browns evade arrest. The cases were reassigned this week to U.S. District Court in Portland, Maine, after federal judges in New Hampshire recused themselves.

Ed Brown is serving his prison term in Elkton, Ohio, and Elaine Brown in Danbury, Conn. Authorities say the Browns could face new charges related to the standoff.

Brown Supporter Said He Was Duped By Agents


Ed Brown: “I Was Gassed For Three Days…”

Ed Brown: “I Was Gassed For Three Days…”
Ed Brown Gassed, Tortured in Deprivation Tank. Tax protester speaks for first time since arrest in prison phone call

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
October 17, 2007

In a disturbing audio clip, Ed Brown speaks for the first time since his arrest and relates how he was gassed by noxious fumes for three days in a detention center as well as being put in a deprivation tank for 15 hours.

Shaun Kranish of was able to call the Ohio prison that Brown has been incarcerated in and talk with him on the phone for 10 minutes.

Sensory deprivation is a form of torture and extended deprivation can result in extreme anxiety, hallucinations, bizarre thoughts, depression, and antisocial behavior.

Brown also said he had been prevented from making any phone calls or receiving mail.

For the first time, Brown reveals what happened when he was tricked and arrested by U.S. Marshals, including how he was tasered multiple times.

Brown said that he had a chance to fight back during the arrest but that he did not want to hurt anyone.

Brown said his captors were treating him with “professional cruelty” and mentioned that they had also done harrowing things to his wife following her arrest, but refused to go into detail.

“I guess Ed and Elaine Brown, the elderly couple, really rattled their cages, we must be a real terror to the federal government, the corporate structure,” said Brown.

Following our article about Ed Brown supporters fearing Brown was being mistreated or tortured, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier dismissed it, saying, “That’s absolutely ludicrous.”

If what Ed Brown relates in the audio clip is true, it’s abundantly clear that he is being cruelly mistreated.

Click here to listen to the MP3.

Watch It:

In a related development, Elaine Brown’s son David told WMUR News that he has also been prevented from speaking to his mother.

Audio Clip Reveals Ed Brown Was Tortured

2 judges out of Brown cases….71018/NEWS01/710180336

Supporters Fear Ed Brown Is Being Tortured

Monier Says Claims Of Brown Mistreatment “Ludicrous”….007/111007Monier.htm


Ed Brown delivered to federal prison in Ohio
October 11, 2007, 3:14 pm
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Ed Brown delivered to federal prison in Ohio

Associated Press
October 10, 2007

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – A convicted New Hampshire tax evader is now at his new home — a federal prison in Ohio.

Stephen Monier, the U.S. Marshal for New Hampshire, says Ed Brown of Plainfield arrived earlier today at the low security Federal Correctional Institution in Elkton, Ohio.

Monier says Brown had not spent time in any New Hampshire jail since being arrested last week, but had been staying at undisclosed locations under the watch of marshal’s deputies en route to prison. Elaine Brown began serving her sentence earlier this week at the Federal Correction Institution in Danbury, Conn., a minimum-security prison for women.

Officers arrested the Browns last week at their hilltop home in Plainfield. Their monthslong exile began after they abandoned their trial in January. In April they each were sentenced to 63 months in prison but refused to report to authorities.

Monier Says Claims Of Brown Mistreatment “Ludicrous”….007/111007Monier.htm

Feds seek Brown sympathizers….47ef-abd1-af92810fe583


Armed Feds Question Bloggers In Brown Case

Armed Feds Question Bloggers In Brown Case

Manhunt ensues as Marshals search for alleged “hit list”

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
October 9, 2007

Armed federal agents paid a visit to blogger Michael Hampton’s home on Friday, detaining everyone inside the house for 90 minutes, to ask questions about an alleged hit list of federal judges in relation to supposed revenge attacks in the aftermath of the Ed and Elaine Brown arrests.

The visit was part of a manhunt taking place in and around Manchester, New Hampshire, which also ensnared members of the Free State Project who had protested on behalf of the Browns.
“Marshal John Bolen of the U.S. Marshals Office of Protective Intelligence traveled to Manchester, N.H., to investigate threats of violence allegedly made against Steven McAuliffe, a federal judge in the district court in Concord, and other federal officials in the area. He brought along with him other marshals and agents who would only say that they were with the Treasury Department,” writes Hampton in his account of the incident.

In the following You Tube video, Dave Ridley traveled to Hampton’s home in the immediate aftermath of the incident in which armed federal agents wearing body armor demanded answers about alleged plans for violent revenge attacks despite the fact that Hampton has never advocated violence in any of his blogs about the Brown case.

Feds made it clear to those detained that if any violence did later occur “it would be on their heads.”

Later, plain clothed Marshals arrived at a local bar to question Ivy Ancram about her roommate, Rob Jacobs, who the feds were seeking regarding the alleged plot to kill government agents. After telling the feds that she didn’t know where Jacobs was, the officials warned her that she could be arrested if she was lying or withholding information and also offered her cash in return for information on Jacobs’ whereabouts, according to Ancram.Marshals told Ancram that if Jacobs did not contact them within 24 hours they would put out a warrant for his arrest.

Jacobs later returned to Manchester and arranged to meet with the Marshals but they failed to show up.

Hampton questioned the Feds on why they chose to visit the home of a blogger who has never advocated violence in light of a new report criticizing marshals for their failure to protect federal judges and investigate genuine threats of violence against them.

“A report (PDF) released Wednesday by the Department of Justice Inspector General found that marshals’ efforts to protect federal judges had “languished,” with growing backlogs of threats to be assessed and investigated, and improper assessment of threats leading to misallocation of resources,” writes Hampton.

“So, apparently unable or unwilling to face the people who have said they want to shoot government agents, they came to my house instead. And misallocation of resources certainly seems to describe Friday’s incidents,” he added.

Jacobs, Ancram and Hampton all strongly emphasized the fact that they are totally opposed to any violence arising out of the arrests of Ed and Elaine Brown.

It has been rumored that some militant supporters of the Browns have threatened revenge attacks. We would like to remind those people that their actions are completely abhorrent and will only bring untold misery to legitimate peaceful supporters of the Browns who are highlighting the case as part of a process of educating the public about the IRS and the illegal income tax.

Meanwhile, Ed Brown remains “in transit,” leading many of his supporters to fear he is being mistreated or tortured. However, Steve Monier, U.S. marshal for New Hampshire, is set to disclose the location of the prison at which Brown will begin his 63 month as early as today, according to reports.

Blog author receives uninvited guests from the gov….ests-from-the-gov/


Supporters Fear Ed Brown Is Being Tortured

Supporters Fear Ed Brown Is Being Tortured

Authorities refuse to divulge location of tax protester

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
October 8, 2007

Federal officials have refused to divulge the location of tax protester Ed Brown who was arrested on Friday, prompting many of his supporters to fear that Brown has been disappeared into a black hole and is being mistreated or even tortured.

Brown and his wife Elaine were arrested on Friday after U.S. Marshals posing as supporters gained access to their Plainfield home and apprehended the couple.
“Elaine Brown is serving her 63-month sentence in the Federal Correctional Institute in Danbury, Conn., a minimum prison facility for women, according to Steve Monier (pictured above), U.S. Marshal for New Hampshire,” reports the Union Leader.

But Monier refused to say where Ed Brown was being held, only that he remains “in transit”, and also ignored questions about why there was a delay in transporting him to the prison where he will serve his sentence, the identity of which remains unknown.

This led supporters of Brown to make their concerns known that he could be undergoing brutal interrogation and torture at the hands of vengeful Feds embarrassed at Brown’s taunting of them during the 6 month stand-off.

“Let them know Ed has not been handed over to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) yet! We don’t know if he’s alive, in good health, where he is, why he hasn’t been handed over (there is NO good reason for this). We can only assume they’re torturing him for information, giving him “diesel therapy” and other things, like they did to Congressman Hansen!!!,” reads a posting on Ed Brown’s official website.

Supporters fear that Brown is being transported from prison to prison and being forced to sit in the same position for hours at a time while heavily shackled, causing painful circulation problems and nerve damage. This was a form of torture inflicted by Federal Marshals on Congressman George Hansen, who served four years in jail for alleged IRS infractions before being declared innocent by the U. S. Supreme Court.

“Each day the metal shackles are put back onto raw and infected legs before the prisoner boards the bus. After weeks and months of diesel therapy, the ankles and shins have raw, infected and open wounds that will not heal,” reads the website.

“Hour after hour, the prisoner sits in a cramped & painful position, with shackles cutting into already infected, raw flesh. Arthritis and bursitis compound the misery of the prisoners. The ingrown, infected toenails, which are jammed inside of purposely small shoes, cripple the prisoner to the point that he can barely walk or move when he is finally released from the shackles.”

Brown’s supporters are urging the general public to call the U.S. Marshal’s office in New Hampshire and and ask them to locate Brown.

The number is 603-225-1632.
“Take down names, employee numbers, dates/times to reference the call, whatever you can to have a record! DEMAND for answers! They’ve got Ed like they always wanted, why isn’t he handed over to the prison? WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO HIM? HOW IS HE BEING TREATED?!?!,” reads the website.

Ed Brown’s Prison Trip Nears…166ae5a

Elaine Brown Imprisoned In Connecticut….58

Blog author receives uninvited guests from the gov….ests-from-the-gov/


More Charges Likely for Ed and Elaine Brown
October 7, 2007, 5:22 pm
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Experts Say More Charges Likely for Browns

Concord Monitor
October 07, 2007

In many ways, the Ed and Elaine Brown show is over. We will not be able to hear them speak daily on the online Ed Brown Under Siege radio show. We will not see fliers for their parties or see the latest video from a “freedom festival” on their Plainfield property.

But Ed and Elaine Brown’s story is far from over. The Plainfield tax protesters, who promised their followers an apocalyptic shootout with marshals and were instead arrested quietly Thursday, will likely face a raft of new charges and see many of their key supporters prosecuted, said experts who have watched the case.

On Friday, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said the Browns were in transit to federal prisons where they would begin serving 63-month sentences for tax-related charges. They were convicted in January of conspiring to hide Elaine Brown’s dental income from authorities, but managed to avoid serving time for nearly nine months, as they rallied antigovernment support and holed up in their well-equipped home.

So far, the Browns have faced no legal sanctions for their behavior, which included issuing explicit threats against judges, prosecutors and local law enforcement figures, stockpiling weapons, and assembling a barrage of improvised explosives devices, according to court documents and statements from Monier. But in a press briefing Friday, Monier suggested that the Browns will face new charges for that conduct.

“Unfortunately, the Browns have turned this into more than just a tax case,” Monier said. “By their continuing actions, allegedly, to obstruct justice, to encourage others to assist them to obstruct justice, by making threats toward law enforcement and other government officials, they have turned this into more than a tax case.”

Several experts who watch the tax protest movement said the Browns could face a range of new charges, including conspiring to impede the marshals, illegal weapons possessions, criminal threatening, obstruction of justice and possession of explosives.

“I don’t realistically think they are ever going to see each other again, except in the next trial,” said JJ MacNab, a tax evasion expert who has been following the Brown case for a book on the tax protest movement.
During the standoff, the Browns missed a key court deadline, which means they will not be able to appeal their convictions on the tax crimes.

Four of the Browns’ supporters arrested in September will also be tried soon. Jason Gerhard, Cirino Gonzalez, Daniel Riley and Robert Wolffe were all accused of aiding and abetting the couple. Gerhard, Gonzalez and Riley were also charged with conspiring to impede the marshals and harm the government, and with possessing weapons in relation to a crime of violence. The weapons charges carry mandatory minimum sentences; Gerhard, who faces the most counts, could be sentenced to more than 125 years in prison if he is convicted.

Their trials, which are likely to be delayed, are currently scheduled for early November.

New arrests may be on the horizon. Monier said Friday that his office would continue to investigate those who helped the Browns before and will monitor supporters for retaliatory action now that the couple is in custody. Several high-profile Brown supporters, including two men who lived with the couple for weeks and one who raised money for their cause, have not been arrested.

The Browns may also live on in the tax-protest movement, which seized the Brown case as a critical example of government injustice. The Browns maintained to the end that there was no law making them liable for federal income taxes, and their stand brought national attention to that perspective. The couple’s MySpace page attracted more than 5,000 “friends,” many of whom have embraced the Browns’ anti-tax views.

“People are tired of this bs that’s being shoveled at them,” said John Stadtmiller, a radio host and former militia leader, who said he was relieved that the Browns were not harmed by marshals. “They want answers, they want justice, and this is going to continue.”


U.S. Marshal Describes Arrest Of Ed And Elaine Brown

Ed and Elaine Arrested By US Marshals


Ed and Elaine Arrested By US Marshals
October 5, 2007, 11:52 am
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Speculation Mounts That Browns Were Infiltrated, Tricked
Tax protesters arrested, but “did not surrender” according to reports, leading many to guess Ed and Elaine were taken by surprise and violently subdued before they could resist

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
October 5, 2007

Speculation is rife that the Browns were infiltrated and tricked before being violently subdued as authorities refuse to provide any details behind their arrest beside the fact that they did not peacefully surrender.

Observers were both saddened and confused about the announcement of the arrest of tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown last night. Though none of us wanted to witness another Waco, we were all well aware of the fact that the Browns have stated on numerous occasions that they would not be arrested without a fight and would rather die than go to jail.

This prompted many to question how U.S. Marshals were able to seize the Browns with apparently little response, leading some to conclude that Ed and Elaine were tricked by one or more supporters whom they had taken into their confidence.

Posts on messageboards overnight feared that the Browns had been taken by surprise, violently subdued and probably shocked numerous times with Taser weapons before they even had a chance to resist. The rumor mill is in high gear because officials have refused to provide any information regarding the details of the arrests, though a news conference is scheduled for 10am today.

All we know at this point is that the Browns were taken into custody after being seized by U.S. Marshals on their property at around 7:45pm last night.

Neighbors reported large convoys of SUV’s approaching the property before the arrests.

“Grobe, a former patient of Elaine Brown, who used to run a dental practice, says he noticed “an unusual amount of traffic all of a sudden” passing by the house last night. He said he saw 30 to 40 cars passing by, but had no idea if it was authorities,” states an AP report.

“Neither he nor neighbor Robert Carpenter said they heard anything unusual. Carpenter said there were no marked cruisers, but a lot of large SUVs. He said he called the Plainfield Police and they called back and said what was going on.”

“We had no indication that the Browns intended to voluntarily surrender, so we had to move forward with an operation that promised the safest possible outcome. That day was today,” U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said in a written statement.

Though the arrests occurred “without incident” and no one was injured, Monier admitted that the Browns “did not surrender,” meaning they were likely violently subdued against their will.

If an informant was used to facilitate the arrest, it would not be the first time such tactics have been employed. In June, Ed Brown outed what he claimed was a Fed who had tried to provoke the Browns into making outlandish statements and rash decisions as part of “psychological operations” on behalf of authorities.

This came shortly after an aborted raid on the Brown’s property during which supporter Danny Riley was arrested and later authorities attempted to coerce Riley into becoming an informant against the Browns. Marshals also threatened Riley with 15 years in jail unless he lied to the media and told them that the botched raid was not an attempted siege.

Browns Were Duped By “Trojan Horse” Marshals Posing As Supporters

Brown allies found support from families…RONTPAGE/709230397

Browns fall for Feds trojan horse….-d3be8b3ccd72

Marshals Pose As Supporters To Arrest Tax Evaders

Browns in Custody….c-bbcc-b17b3f85c022

U.S. Marshal: NH Tax Evaders Arrested


Brown supporter faces 125 years
September 26, 2007, 12:11 pm
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Brown supporter faces 125 years

Margot Sanger-Katz
Concord Monitor
September 24, 2007

Jason Gerhard, one of four supporters of Ed and Elaine Brown arrested last week, faces a maximum sentence of more than 125 years if he is convicted on all charges.

Gerhard, 22, of Brookhaven, N.Y., was arraigned yesterday on an updated indictment that charges him with nine federal felonies.

The recent Army recruit, who was arrested at basic training in Missouri, chose not to enter pleas during his hearing yesterday at the New Hampshire District Court. Magistrate James Muirhead entered not guilty pleas on his behalf.

Cirino Gonzalez, 30, of Alice, Texas, the Browns’ former blogger and security guard and an alleged co-conspirator with Gerhard, also appeared in court today. He pleaded not guilty to four felonies.

Gerhard was one of several supporters who spent time living at the home of Ed and Elaine Brown, a retired exterminator and dentist who were convicted of multiple tax-related crimes in January. The Browns have been holed up in their fortified concrete home for nearly eight months, refusing to surrender and threatening violence if marshals try to arrest them.

According to his indictment, Gerhard purchased his first gun for the couple in January, about a week after Ed Brown walked out on his federal trial and announced that his home might become “another Waco.” Between January and August, he purchased a total of six weapons, the indictment says, including a high-powered .50-caliber sniper rifle, which shoots bullets capable of piercing body armor. The indictment says Gerhard lived with the Browns for several months.

During that time, Gerhard was a relatively quiet member of the Brown entourage, frequent visitors to the house said. Gerhard had one brush with local law enforcement this summer came after he hit the car of a teenage girl while shopping for the Browns in their SUV. Ed Brown described the accident as a “fender bender,” but the girl’s mother said that her daughter’s car had been totaled and that Gerhard had tried to flee the scene. Marshals impounded the Browns’ vehicle after the accident.

When marshals searched the home of Gerhard’s mother on Long Island last week, they found a pipe bomb and other weapons, according to the local police. He has not been charged with any crimes related to that finding.

Gerhard is charged with six counts of carrying and possessing a firearm in connection with a crime of violence, two counts of conspiring to hinder authorities, and one count of accessory after the fact. The weapons charges carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years for each count after the first.

A prosecutor said yesterday that he believed Gerhard was likely to flee, was a danger to his community and was likely to obstruct justice if he was released from federal custody. A hearing to decide whether he will be released is scheduled for Tuesday.

The court has unsealed detailed affidavits summarizing federal marshals’ evidence in three of the four cases, but an affidavit describing Gerhard’s alleged actions has not yet been made public. The new indictment was dated Wednesday.

Gonzalez, a former military contractor, was the public face of the Browns’ home for several months this summer when he lived at the house and posted frequent updates on their status online. Gonzalez appeared in online photos and videos, many of which showed him armed. He also posted long, rambling accounts of goings-on at the house and his evolving political views.

He was charged with conspiracy, accessory after the fact, and one count of carrying and possessing a firearm in connection with a crime of violence.

The indictment alleges that he purchased the .50-caliber rifle in April. In a blog post a few days later, Gonzalez bragged about owning the gun.

“I get sad knowing not everyone has one,” he wrote on his MySpace page. “Then I think about everyone . . . that is not even close to being ready.”

Gonzalez’s hearing was brief. He pleaded not guilty and will remain in federal custody. A judge in Texas already ruled that Gonzalez should remain held until trial. According to Magistrate B. Janice Ellington’s ruling, Gonzalez is “both a flight risk and a danger to the community.”

“The defendant resisted attempts by the Marshal to arrest him at a residence where numerous firearms, including assault weapons, were present,” the ruling said. “During the arrest, defendant attempted to gain access to those weapons.”

Gonzalez’s father, Jose Gonzalez, said in an interview that it was not surprising that his son appeared to resist arrest, because he was sleeping and startled when marshals arrived about noon last Wednesday.

According to the Alice Echo-News Journal and a blog post made by Gonzalez’s friend Donna Van Meter, Gonzalez’s custody hearing in Texas included rumors of a possible escape plot and an outburst by Jose Gonzalez, who was escorted from the courtroom.

Both men are scheduled for trial in November.

Brown allies found support from families….923/FRONTPAGE/709230397


Standoff With Browns Forces Changes In Plainfield
September 18, 2007, 9:50 am
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Standoff With Browns Forces Changes In Plainfield

September 17, 2007

Plainfield residents said that the months-long showdown between law enforcement and a couple convicted of tax evasion is forcing changes in the town.

The school routine has changed this year, thanks to Ed and Elaine Brown, residents said. A bus no longer travels up Center State Road, where the Browns live, holed up in their home with their supporters, who police said could be dangerous.

The bus now picks up students at the bottom of the hill. Parents said that it wasn’t worth the risk to keep the route the same.

“You never know who you’re going to meet on the road,” parent Paula Wehde said. “Is it going to be a fed? Is it going to be a supporter? You just don’t know.”

While many Plainfield residents said they do their best to keep their distance, the Browns are planning a third party for their supporters. A BYOB jamboree has been publicized on several Web sites.

Police said one cruiser with two officers will keep watch on the road leading to the Browns during the concert.

“There are officers assigned to the road to make sure the road stays open, so fire and ambulance crews can get through to the neighbors,” Chief Gordon Gillens said.

Officials said they hope the recent arrest of four of the Browns’ supporters will make others think twice about lending aid.

“People know that they’re now at risk of being arrested if they’re seen as helping Ed and Elaine,” Plainfield Town Administrator Stephen Halleran said. “I think that’s a positive development.”

Gillens said that it has been a difficult summer for him and other law enforcement officials who have been publicly threatened by Ed Brown and his supporters. He said that it’s his duty to keep everyone in the town safe, including the Browns.

“We’ve made no indication that we want to harm him or his people, and yet they’re constantly threatening us and our families,” Gillens said.

The concert, planned for Saturday is called Live Free Or Die 3: the Fall Freedomfest. Web sites advertising the event said that it’s open to all, but police are discouraging anyone from attending.


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Danny Riley’s Father Speaks Out

Danny Riley’s Father Speaks Out


Feds Step Up Actions In Ed Brown Case
September 15, 2007, 11:42 am
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Feds Step Up Actions In Brown Case
Supporters arrested, irresponsible advice leads to escalation

Steve Watson
September 13, 2007

Four supporters of Plainfield tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown were arrested yesterday and charged with helping the Browns “obstruct justice”, in the words of the U.S. Marshal for New Hampshire.

The AP reported on the incident late yesterday:

Four men accused of helping obstruct justice in the case of convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown have been arrested, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said Wednesday.

Monier said the men are Cirino “Reno” Gonzales, 30, of Alice, Texas; Daniel Riley, 40, of Albany, N.Y.; Jason Gerhard, 22, of Brookhaven, N.Y.; and Robert Wolffe, 50, of Randolph, Vt.

Charges range from accessory after the fact to possession and use of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.

The supporters had been running errands for the Browns and providing internet updates while they are confined to their home. Gonzales has been accused of taking weapons onto the Brown property, though this has not been verified.

Marshall Monier has furthered elaborated on the arrests in a statement:

“In this case, these men are alleged to have helped the Browns in their ongoing refusal to surrender to authorities,” Monier said. “The Browns have engaged in a course of conduct that has led to further criminal investigations into their activity. Anyone who aids the Browns is subject to investigation, arrest and prosecution for serious felonies, which carry very heavy prison sentences.”

Ed Brown responded in an audio posting last night, stating “It’s all nonsense, as usual. They always pick the wrong targets, and they picked the wrong targets again. They don’t really do anything. They’re just friends.”

Listen to Ed And Elaine Brown discuss the arrests of their supporters here .

Further reports have suggested that the supporters were taking into custody without a warrant and without being told what they were charged with. In addition blog postings from relatives have suggested that force was used on at least one of the men.

Authorities identified Danny Riley during his activities at the recent 9/11 truth events in New York and reportedly waited until he had left the main groups of protesters before following him and arresting him.

Eyewitnesses reported police as saying “we’ll wait until he gets away from the group before we take him down.”

Marshall Monier has also made it clear that officials now see the case as having gone from being tax related to something more significant because of threats made towards local and federal officials and judges, and due to the increased presence of people in the perimeter of the Brown property.

“This was a tax case,” he said, “but over the last seven months, the Browns have allegedly obstructed justice and encouraged others to assist them. Ed Brown has threatened to kill law enforcement officers and other government officials. So, our message to the Browns is clear: Do the right thing, call us, and surrender peacefully.”

Over the past weeks some have been advising the Browns to make statements about organisations of supporters planning to seek revenge should the situation end in a shootout. Many believe such actions have exacerbated the situation and have made bloodshed a more likely outcome.

Other supporters have taken to sitting in the woods with guns, an invitation to federal authorities if ever there was one to take forceful action.

Past incidents at Waco and Ruby Ridge have shown that the feds are adept at provacateuring, and will seize on the opportunity to use force should it arise.

As the situation escalates, more social events are planned at the Brown home. As the Browns have vowed to “live free or die” it should now be obvious that a continuing siege is not the place to take women and children.

In continuing coverage of the case, Alex Jones today made a plea ( listen here ) to both supporters of the Browns and the feds themselves not to allow the situation to deteriorate and have innocent lives lost over income taxes.

The Brown’s have been holed up at their home in Plainfield for several months now and have faced increasing surveillance and provocative activity from federal officials.

In June New Hampshire police erected a mile around seclusion zone, set up armed roadblocks, closed airspace, cut the Brown’s power and phone lines before descending with a heavily armed SWAT team and APC vehicles, yet denied that they had any intention of carrying out a siege.

It was only when Danny Riley stumbled upon armed agents lurking in the woods, that the siege was rumbled. Riley maintains that he was shot at before being tasered and arrested, only to be released later with a warning that he could be detained again at any point should he continue to support the Browns.

Since this time power and communications to the house have continued to be interrupted and cut off intermittently. the Department of Homeland Security has also flown helicopters over the house, one time during a concert at the property.

Ed and Elaine Brown Supporters Arrested

AUDIO: Feds kidnap Ed Brown supporters in four states


Danny Riley Documents Ed Brown Property – (7/28/2007)
August 2, 2007, 4:25 pm
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Danny Riley Documents Ed Brown Property – (7/28/2007)
Danny Riley has sent us this video release detailing the events of Saturday July 28 11:35 – Sunday July 29 Approx 6AM on the Brown property.


Ed and Elaine Brown Supporters Clogged 9-11 Lines
August 1, 2007, 7:37 am
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Police: Tax evaders’ supporters clogged 911 lines

Paul Joseph Watson
Boston Herald
July 29, 2007

PLAINFIELD, N.H. – Police say supporters of convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown clogged emergency phone lines after the couple’s web site claimed shots had been fired behind the house.

Police Chief Gordon Gillens said about 60 calls from all over the country came into the emergency lines in Hanover late Saturday night until about 6:30 a.m. Sunday.

“This totally disrupted emergency services by putting all that stuff on the Internet and giving out all these phone numbers,” Gillens said.

Gillens called the postings “a complete fabrication.”

“There was absolutely no report from anyone up there that there were fireworks or firearms or anything like that,” he said.

Callers claimed gunshots were fired in the woods by the Browns’ house and someone had physically shaken a trailer on the property. They were reacting to postings on the Browns’ web site.

U.S. Marshal Steve Monier said no law enforcement were at the Browns’ house over the weekend.

“I don’t know anything about it,” Monier said. “It’s not us; we’re not there.”

Monier has said repeatedly he hopes to resolve the situation peacefully.

Police are investigating whether disrupting the emergency dispatch center was a crime.

The Browns were convicted and sentenced to more than five years in prison for failing to pay their income taxes. They fled to their Plainfield home, which Ed Brown describes as a castle. Their cause has rallied anti-government and militia activists to their 110-acre home.

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Shots Fired At Browns Probable Attempt at Provocation
July 30, 2007, 12:08 pm
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Shots Fired At Browns Probable Attempt at Provocation
Numerous incidents last night around New Hampshire couple’s property had frantic observers worried siege was underway

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
July 29, 2007

30 to 40 shots were fired outside Ed and Elaine Brown’s house last night in what was a probable attempt at provocation to goad the Browns and their supporters into a violent response.

Alex Jones spoke to Elaine Brown at around 11:30pm last night and confirmed that what sounded like automatic weapon fire was heard coming from a wooded area behind the house.

Another supporter of the Browns who was staying on the property in a trailer was also startled when his mobile home was violently pounded on in the middle of the night, but the perpetrator escaped.

According to the Brown’s blog, others reported seeing Blackwater vehicles parked around the property on satellite surveillance images of the area.

Danny Riley, a friend of the Browns who is also staying in the house, earlier reported that a vehicle driven by the Plainfield Chief of Police had made its way onto the property and was blocking his exit but fishtailed and suddenly accelerated away from the scene violently.

The Palinfield Police offcie told Riley that they were putting down tracks to check how many vehicles were entering the property.

Frantic calls were made to the New Hampshire authorities throughout the night by concerned radio listeners, but early this morning the police denied any involvement in the incidents.

The events coincided with coordinated hack attacks of the Infowars, Prison Planet and We Are Change websites, which went down just 20 minutes before the gunshots were heard.

Early indications suggest that this was an attempt to provoke the Browns and their supporters into a violent response.

Similar tactics were employed when the Browns held a Live Free Or Die jamboree two weeks ago when a Homeland Security helicopter flew low over the attendees and circled the property .

As ever, we are calling for calm heads on both sides and asking that the authorities leave the Browns alone and avoid needless bloodshed from taking place.

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Report: An AP photographer who was flying in a plane over Brown’s property today was ordered out of the airspace
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Ed Brown: Homeland Security Fear and Intimidation
July 21, 2007, 3:51 pm
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Homeland Security Fear and Intimidation

WTPRN News Talk With Local Police – (7/14/2007)

Feds Steal Ed Brown’s Car

Concord Monitor
July 20, 2007

Federal marshals have seized a car owned by Elaine Brown, after the car was involved in a fender bender in Lebanon, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said. He said that Lebanon police called him after arriving at the scene of the accident. Neither Elaine Brown nor her husband, Ed Brown, was driving the car, but Monier said his office impounded the car.

“It’s a vehicle belonging to a fugitive, and we’re investigating it further,” he said.

The Browns have been convicted of a series of federal felonies related to their refusal to pay federal income taxes but have evaded arrest for more than five months. The couple remain holed up in their concrete home in Plainfield, warning that any attempt to arrest them will end with bloodshed.

Monier and his staff have not blocked cars from entering and leaving the property. Supporters have been running errands for the couple, bringing them food and other supplies throughout the standoff. On Saturday, the couple hosted a concert, which drew more than 100 supporters, according to estimates from those who attended. The Monitor was barred from attending the “jamboree,” as were other news media outlets.

On his daily internet radio show, Ed Brown acknowledged that the car had been taken while a friend was out buying him some eggs. He described the car as the family’s sport utility vehicle and said it was owned by one of his wife’s trusts.

Brown said that the marshals had “arrested” the car and taken a $100 gift certificate that was inside.

“I need another SUV now,” Ed Brown said. “They just stole one.”

Neither Brown nor Monier said who was driving the car.

But Monier did say that his office is investigating several Brown supporters and expects to charge them with felonies for aiding and abetting the couple. Monier has been warning the couple’s supporters that they might face charges since the couple was sentenced in April, but so far, there have been no arrests.

“We think there are several individuals who have engaged in a continuing course of conduct that rises to the level of committing a felony offense,” Monier said yesterday.

He also said that he was planning measures designed to encourage the couple to surrender, though he did not say what they were. In recent weeks, marshals have cut phone and power to the house, but in interviews Ed Brown said those measures have had little effect. The house is outfitted with solar panels, and a wind turbine in the yard also produces electricity. Supporters have been bringing mobile phones to the house, which have allowed the couple to speak on the radio and post internet updates.

“I will say we’re proceeding in a purposeful and methodical and deliberate way,” Monier said. “In the near future there may be additional future steps that we may take to move the Browns along.”