Alex Jones Attacked People in the Truth Movement

Jack Blood: Alex Jones Wanted to Attack People in the Truth Movement

June 25, 2010

After years of supporting Alex Jones and his work in the truth movement I’ve started to see his true form, when I saw Alex Jones disrupting a pro-2nd Amendment rally concerning the Austin Police Department’s involvement with the BATF to illegally shut down private gun sales at gun shows I immediately began to question his intentions.

The rally was organized by a few patriots called Texans for Accountable Government, Darwin Boedeker, Jerri Lynn Ward and Catherine Bleish. The disruption started a few minutes before the rally officially started. In the video (below) you will see Alex Jones and his entourage barge into the peaceful protest, barking on his bullhorn while activists who set up the rally were unable to continue. Alex Jones showed total disrespect to the whole rally, proving he is nothing more than an opportunist, a self promoter and a prick.

Listen to the ‘rise up radio show’ for the entire story

“You got a hard-on for me” “You don’t know what you’re doing. I know what I am doing. I’ll be here in 20 years” smirk “I’ll be here in 20 years“

Radio Host Jack Blood, a patriot in the truth movement for many years, has decided to expose Alex Jones’ dirty tactics to destroy other patriots in the truth movement.:

Alex Jones “had called me late at night and talked about how we have to get people who don’t agree with him. What we can do behind the scenes to attack people in the liberty movement and TAKE THEM OUT, because they were causing him ‘due grievance’, that he felt threatened by them for some reason. A lot of times it was just because they didn’t ‘follow orders’ or they didn’t ‘worship enough’.”

“One night I was sitting with Daniel Abrahamson in my kitchen and Jones didn’t know that we were together, he called us both, tried to play us off against each other while we were sitting at the same table. I mean this kind of thing would happen over and over and over again, I found myself blackballed in the movement!”

“What I’m telling you is what comes from Alex Jones Corp. is not honest, he is not an honest broker. He could care less really about Texas, about liberty, about the republic, about 9/11 truth. I watched in the office when he was out of town once and I was covering for him. He had some kind of a special where if you bought right now you would get an autographed copy of a video or something, they ran out of autographed copies I watched as some of the office workers signed the videos ‘Alex Jones’.”

“I’m in the (Alex Jones Show) office I’m watching just truckloads of videos going out the back, not his videos, other people’s! And I watched how they would call up and buy people’s videos for nothing, giving that person absolutely no profit forcing that person to decide on ‘well do they want exposure on the Alex Jones show and do they want to make 50 cents a video and here’s a lump sum of five or ten thousand dollars, or not?’.”

Lets not forget William Cooper’s words about Alex Jones, Bill is the man who predicted 9/11 and in November 2001 he was murdered by the police. Bill Cooper warned that Alex Jones is a liar and intentionally stirred up hysteria that caused many to panic and how Alex Jones supported the Y2K hoax.:

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