Local News Station Exposes Toxic Chemtrails

Local News Exposes Chemtrails

Military plane caught spraying chemtrails

Earth Being Sprayed With Aluminum, Causing Ecocide and Alzhiemers


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This has been going on for years. I saw this when i lived in Texas years ago. No one belived it then. Now, we have people like Bill gates and Ted Turner talking about ways to reduce the world population.

Comment by Bob Marshall

I also think they are spraying other things because i heard this air plane flying around several different times and my dogs and cats would get sick.i saw several people at the vet that had sick animals and they said they just quit eating.I had a flock of english sparrows that was here for years and they are gone.I found several of them laying dead in my yard with no physical damage.There was martins now all gone.I heard this plane come over and i could hear what sounded like a mosquito foger runing as well as the plane’s motor.This west nile virus has shown in several different parts of the country lately and it had died down considerable.I read one comment on the internet that these a holes were using insects aginst us,(mosquitos) From the discription of west nile that may be what my dogs had the last time.They are it looks like yrying to killpeople off and make them pay for it by selling drugs. they have done this before.

Comment by Ridge Runner

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