Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination

Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination



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Bill Gates said the world population was too large by five billion . When asked at a conference he was asked what would he do to reduce the population. His answer waa swe need to decrease the population by five billion. The use of vaccines ,abortions and controlled parenthood.

Comment by Bob Marshall

For forty years the US population has been programed though the governments propaganda machine know as the CIA controlled news media. Both Stalin and Hilter proved how effective this machine controlled the public into following their willand policies. We must accept some of the blame. We have allowed ourselves to become like robots. We seem to have lost the ability to stop thinking for ourselves.Through socialist programs like welfare we have become too dependent on our government.

Comment by Bob Marshall

Human life is the highest form in the sense of freedoms, to think and cogitate, to live and let live

Comment by berrymillion

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