Thermal Video of Twin Towers Show Anomaly

Thermal Video of Twin Towers Show Anomaly

The International Center for 9/11 Studies has posted new videos from the NIST Cumulus database to its YouTube channel. This video shows thermal imagery of the Twin Towers burning. Obviously there are 2 massive heat signatures coming from the plane impact areas and subsequent fires on each tower, however, there is a hot-spot anomaly below Tower 1’s plane impact.

New Videos Reveal Explosions on 9/11


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Please see Dr. Judy Woods PhD book: Where did the towers go. One discovery she made was that the towers dropped to earth FASTER than an item in free fall, this should not be possible.2. such massive smashing of collapsing floor upon floor…should produce quite the seismic record correct? None.p.s. In the history of steel framed buildings none has ever collapsed from fire alone. Seek for yourself. No it was not government. It was a reminder to our governments from loftier elite forces. good luck. Seek 4 Ur self. 2 Bears.

Comment by Chris Two Bears

The anomaly is most likely a reflection of heat from the other side of the 1st tower.

Comment by Anonymous

“From fire alone”? No. In addition to the fires the buildings were struck by large airplanes. Let’s get it right folks. The “fire alone” causing buildings to drop is probably true but the towers were not “fire alone”.

So get mad and call me picky. Let’s be accurate.

Comment by james Simmons

Quote:The anomaly is most likely a reflection of heat from the other side of the 1st tower.

If this was the case, Why is the Other Tower on the Other Side of that Building which is burning? This would lend more power to the dripping Metal that was found pooled in the basements of all 3 Buildings. Don’t forget Building #7 had the same pools of molten metal in their basements. Also,, Why was the Metal shipped over seas?
This is known as to AID and ABET. No Material from any crime scene is removed. If it were a Chain of Custody would have been in place.

Facts are, They spent more on Bill Clinton’s Oral Sex then the Murder of 3,000 Americans. Also a note: Why Iraq and Afghanistan when it was reported that all Hijackers were from Saudi Arabia? This also give no voice to BUSH as he said he would go after ALL and Anyone that aids or harbors Terrorist’s. Yet his daddy was in BED with the Saudi’s. This URL is Proof that the US knew in advance that the Saudi’s were behind 9/11 and not Iraq as the LIE goes.

Comment by K7KTR

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