63 U.S. Soldiers Died in Afghanistan This Month

63 U.S. Soldiers Died in Afghanistan in July

Press TV
July 30, 2010

With 63 US service members killed, July has become the deadliest month for American forces stationed in war-torn Afghanistan.

June’s record of 60 US fatalities was surpassed this month after separate bomb blasts killed at least three US soldiers in southern Afghanistan over the past 24 hours.

The latest deaths brought to 86 the number of fatalities among foreign troopers in war-ravaged Afghanistan this month.

The tally is based on military reports compiled by news agencies and websites tracking coalition casualties in Afghan and Iraq wars.

More than 400 foreign soldiers have been killed in the war-torn country so far this year, with nearly US-led troops 2,000 people killed since the 2001 invasion.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama signed a 37.1-billion-dollar spending package for the unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, while unemployment and domestic problems at home are on the rise.

The increasing number of foreign casualties in Afghanistan has drawn widespread public anger in the US and other NATO member states.

US paying Pakistan to kill American troops?


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