Canadian extradited to U.S., jailed for selling pot seeds
May 17, 2010, 1:38 pm
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Canadian Marc Emery extradited to US for selling cannabis seeds

Digital Journal
May 15, 2010

Vancouver – Marc Emery, known as Canada’s “Prince of Pot,” was ordered to be extradited to the US to face drug and money laundering charges today.

Emery, from Vancouver, British Columbia, expects to spend no less than five years in jail for offences associated with his cannabis seed-selling business.

The Justice Minister’s letter confirming his decision can be read here.
His wife Jodie, a Green Party candidate in BC, is very worried about her husband’s safety inside the American prison system. She said recently:

This case is about silencing my Husband for his marijuana activism. This Conservative government has declared a culture war in Canada and my husband is its latest victim.

In 2008, the BC Court of Appeals stated that the appropriate sentence for someone selling cannabis seeds should be no more than a month or two in jail followed by a year’s probation.
A recent survey conducted last year found 48 percent of respondents disagree with his extradition while 46 percent agree with it.
Emery was heard to say

“Go Canucks Go”

as he surrendered to the authorities.
Emery was named “Prince of Pot” in a documentary about his case, and he is also the founder and publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine.

How to free Marc Emery

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