How Arizona and The Drug War Created a Race War
May 11, 2010, 7:28 am
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How Arizona and The Drug War Created a Race War

Adam S. Rodriguez
May 9, 2010

We live in dangerous times, the economies of the world are imploding. We face a monolithic deficit, half of the U.S. budget goes to the military industrial complex, we face new taxes, job cuts and permanent bailouts for the big banks on Wall Street. So it’s quite obvious what the intentions of this government are, with all this pain of the average American citizens face, the government needs to deflate the tension against their tyranny, one of the ways of doing this is by focusing American anger directly at illegal immigration as the main problem as to why the country is headed for collapse.

U.S. and Mexico Government Behind Bloody Drug War

The reason why the borders remain relatively open is the government’s highly lucrative business of drug smuggling, both the U.S. and Mexican government have always profited from drugs and have been exposed many times for bringing drugs into the country. The government’s plan is to not completely eradicate drug smuggling, just ‘control’ the problem to an extent. The biggest drug cartel is known as Sinaloa (La Linea) is the drug smuggling arm of the Mexican government, these criminals have killed thousands of rival drug gangs, innocent victims and even policemen and the Mexican government refuses to prosecute them. President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon is accused of having close ties to the Sinaloa drug cartel. Sinaloa cartel will eventually control the streets, the drug corridors and the border and flow of drugs into the US will increase while the situation for ordinary Mexicans will continue to deteriorate.

The Mexican public demands jobs, security and social programs, but the war on drugs has destroyed those dreams and are answered with check-points, crackdowns and state repression. Mexicans have no choice but to join the drug smuggling business or find a job in the United States. The CIA has been known to help traffic narcotics, so it’s quite obvious why the government lacks an effort into closing the borders or making drugs legal in the south to destroy the black market and drug cartels all together. The war on drugs has simply given the green-light for mass migration of the south into the States, Mexican families are desperate to find a better life away from the criminal Mexican government and the terrorist drug cartels. So now America faces a monolithic illegal immigration problem, not just from the Mexican people, but people all over the world are finding ways to come here illegally because the U.S. makes it far too difficult to come legally and know that the federal government has turned a blind eye to illegal immigration. American citizens will soon face an erosion of society, the job opportunities will be scarce and the wages will be lower, and it’s all done by design.

The United States government will continue to do nothing about illegal immigration, so states like Arizona have decided to do something about it. SB.1070 forces police officers to ask Mexicans to show their papers if they suspect that the person is an illegal immigrant. Asking for such documentation based on the color of their skin is discrimination, turning Mexican Americans into 2nd class citizens overnight. This legislation may potentially create a race war, the federal government knows there is a better way to stop illegal immigration, but they wish to keep the drugs flowing, creating a violent racial powder-keg between Caucasian Americans and [legal and illegal] Mexican Americans.

The media continues to spread the racial divide by politicizing illegal immigration, using propaganda on both sides to fan the flames of hate, creating this breakout of racial tensions so Americans end up fighting each other, rather than unite against this tyranny. Movies are also stoking the flames of racism with a new propaganda film entitled “Machete”, calling for a modern-day plan of San Diego where Mexicans kill Caucasians! Racial groups like MEChA or White National Socialist Movement etc. will see this as an opportunity to evoke the public to accept their violent, racist ideals.

Obviously the Arizona bill was to meant coincide with Cinco de Mayo, to rile up the Mexican community. Lets remember who the real problem is; and that’s Washington D.C., the head of the rattlesnake has always made sure that the slaves were occupied while the country falls into a financial abyss.

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