Government Deals Heroin Yet Terrorizes Families for Pot
May 9, 2010, 3:11 pm
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Government Admits They Deal Heroin Yet Terrorize Families for Pot

Cops shoot Dogs in front of child – Reason for raid; small amount of marijuana

Militarized SWAT Drug Raids on the Rise



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When Citizens read about police needlessly shooting some kid’s pet in front of the child, it resonates beyond anger; it signals serous problems in a police department. Police officers’ inappropriate actions may be reflective of their handlers’ attitude toward the public.

In most every country where police-SWAT military styled raids were not brought under control to protect the public, police incrementally moved forward targeting innocent Citizens and others in their homes for minor offenses. There has been such overuse of force one might wonder if some police are playing soldier at the expense of ordinary Citizens. In foreign countries police have used police military styled raids to target Citizens for their political speech or for attending political assemblies; or because someone wrote something offending a government official. Americans should NEVER accept police raid misconduct. There are increasing news reports of U.S. Police SWAT teams breaking into innocent U.S. Citizens’ homes or forcibly entering houses to arrest people for minor offenses. It appears some police, might have psychological issues, use police raids to cover their penchant to hurt people; there have been a number of reports of police on raids needlessly shooting family pets in front of their owners, something sure to give a sadist in uniform a thrill; after all who is going to listen to a pet owner complain after he is arrested for drugs, even a tiny amount of grass. Abusive U.S. police military styled raids increasingly mirror the 1980’s military/police raids by British Forces on homes in Northern Ireland. Those military/Police raids were sometimes used as cover to assassinate political opponents. It should be noted U.S. domestic police military styled raids on Americans’ homes, sharply increased after local police expanded their training and working relationship with components of the U.S. military forming so called joint federal-local-task forces.

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