Microchipping Americans Found in Health Care Bill

Microchipping Americans Found in Health Care Bill

Daily Paul
August 30, 2009

“Buried deep within the over 1,000 pages of the massive US Health Care Bill (PDF) in a “non-discussed” section titled: Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521— National Medical Device Registry, and which states its purpose as:

“The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that—‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and ‘‘(B) is a class III device; or ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable.”

In “real world speak”, according to this report, this new law, when fully implemented, provides the framework for making the United States the first Nation in the World to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country.

Dingell: ObamaCare will “control the people”

Secret Bilderberg Agenda To Microchip Americans Leaked

Cartoon: Verichip/PositiveID Infomercial


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Dear brothers and sisters, I have to say this was prophesised about in Revelations. As a Christian, I recognize this as a “sign of the times.” I refuse to get microchipped and I will be telling as many people as possible about this new invasion in our lives. I pray for each and every single person who may be deceived by our treasonous government who is currently minipulating every aspect of our live. Wake up and beware! Jesus is coming back soon. Make yourselves ready for the Rapture. ARE YOU READY???? Love your friend and prayer warrior~ess in Christ forever, Dawn E. Worswick

Comment by dawneworswick

Revelation. Thanks.

Comment by Anonymous

If I want to say Revelations, I will, thanks!

Comment by Dawn E. Worswick

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