CIA and Taliban working together

CIA and Taliban working together

Blackwater, US Military Working For Taliban Drug Lords

Are America’s Mercenary Armies Really Drug Cartels?

Congress to probe ‘U.S. funding of Taliban’

War tax proposed to pay for protecting Afghan opium fields, bribing Taliban

U.S. Army paying the Taliban not to shoot at them

Taliban Still Working for the CIA?


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I was a “Bio Bug” (“Biological Listening Device”) for the CIA from 1979 to 1992, but have had my US Citizenship voided by then Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano since 1999. I am being forced to seek permanent Political Asylum and New Citizenship in any country that will accept me, but Hillary Clinton has blocked my attempts to leave the US since 2009, even though Napolitano has threatened to throw me in Guantanamo forever also since 2009. If you do a Google Search for my legal nick name of “Bear Woodson” you will find hundreds of listings for me, including websites that confirm all of this and more. I do not have a website of my own, nor do I have Twitter. ALL mention of me has been Blacklisted by Napolitano on ALL US News Media! Please contact me.

“Bear” Thomas C. Woodson
1501 N. Oracle Road, Apt. 1615
Tucson, AZ, U.S.A. 85705-7256
(520) 881-2558
“Bear Woodson”

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