Tea Party: A Tool For Freedom or Racism?

Tea Party: A Tool For Freedom or Racism?

January 17, 2010

I guess it’s up to the people, do we want Tea Parties to unite us all, regardless of your skin-color against government tyranny or have it infiltrated by feds and hate groups using the movement as a spring-board for recruiting?

This is precisely what the New World Order aristocrats want, in the midst of a depression provoke racial tension in the media so we end up fighting each-other rather than stand united against government tyranny and against the ‘ruling class’ establishment that has buried this country into financial bankruptcy.

The media is a tool used to shape opinions and beliefs, racism, like party-politics is used to divide Americans on political issues of the day. Now that a black president that happens to be a member of the establishment has been elected, racial hate will continue to increase in the days to come.


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It is extremely crucial to embrace our differences and unite. That is the only way the power-elite can be defeated. Don’t fall for the trap of hatred and scapegoating. It is the most self-destructive thing we can do!

Comment by FatNSassy

Since Obama is 50% white yet has everyone calling him african american it is about time that his popularity honeymoon is over. He is so dishonest. Please note that he spends more time on televsion that he does working. He needs to get americans working instead of admiring himself jabbering.

Comment by Tiger Woods

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