Past Temperatures Debunk Global Warming Hysteria

Past Temperatures Debunk Global Warming Hysteria

December 15, 2009

This is what the Global Warmists don’t want you to see, if people only knew the climate temperatures 12,000 years ago they would be glad to live on a planet that is livable and not in an Ice Age. If you look at the charts in this video it will show you how lucky we are to live in a long and relatively warm period that is somewhat constant even though earths temperatures have not increased in the past 15 years.

Russian Scientist: ‘We should fear a deep temperature drop — not catastrophic global warming’

Why Global Warming is a Hoax


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What people ought to realize is that today’s temperature is a sharp rise, unlike earlier natural temperature rises. A slow rise allows the environment to adjust but a fast rise does not. Hence, today the environment cannot adjust and we see all sorts of problems such as ocean acidification that is killing coral reefs that had survived for millions of years.

Just displaying a chart that shows temperatures 1000 years ago to be as warm as today or of million years ago to be as warm as today does not really prove anything.

So we do have a serious climate change problem and we should not ridicule the science nor the facts from the ground.

Comment by Stan

Stan, looking at the graphs it seems we’ve had temperature variations before that were just as sharp in the rise as today. The “hockey stick” graph’s sharp rise is contaminated with Urban Heat Island effects that make the rise appear stronger than it actually is. Over the last 110 years, the rural areas of the United States have NOT risen in temperature, as even a 6th grade kid recently proved in a YouTube video. The IPCC is hyping the sharp rise that’s based on faulty science and data bias.

Comment by Mike B.

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