Glenn Beck and Others Expose Climategate

Glenn Beck and Others Expose Climategate

Mainstream media blackout on Climategate scandal


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I see one of your senators, Republican James Inhofe of Oklahoma, is asking for a congressional hearing into the climate change hoax. No doubt your government will rush through legislation that funds climate change enablers so they can get federal funds for whatever they want, provided it helps the environment, and even if there is no market for their goods and services. I hope this blows up in their face and Al Gore’s Oscar is recalled. (I’m just dreaming.)

Yesterday I googled several words and terms pertaining to the climate change hoax to determine what the top news sites were saying about it. A few mainstream media wrote about the hoax, condemning the hackers and defending the fraudster scientists. In my unscientific search, the WSJ was the only paper that presented a balanced argument. Look at my blog for stories about climategate.

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