Update (11/9/2009)
November 9, 2009, 12:38 pm
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Greetings everyone, you were probably wondering why I haven’t been posting in the past week. I was on vacation, sometimes you need to get away from reality and clear your head. I have also been doing a lot more preparation for the trying times to come. The terrorist elite are going to pass the forced health care on the middle-class regardless if you don’t want it or not, they will pass co2 taxation, 1st amendment killing legislation and everything else that will complete this New World Order enslavement grid. Obviously if you’re a frequent reader you know the deal, so that’s why I have been preparing and getting things situated in my own life before it really hits the fan. So, I’m back and will be posting regularly, if you see me not posting for awhile just know that I will be back, blogging/scanning news/researching is a time-consuming hobby but I love it, it keeps me and you informed but sometimes you just need a break. editor



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