War President Obama Wins ‘Peace Prize’

War President Obama Wins ‘Peace Prize’


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Obama’s Nobel award is a form of applied abductive logic designed to appeal to a nonacademic audience. The inference is he will perform to expectations of the Nobel protocol – which is absurd – meaning the BTF has wrongly attributed Obama’s charismatic presentation to sustained practice and effectiveness. My salute, Thorbjoern Jagland.

For the record, and I have stated this often, The BTF is an economic terrorist organization at play against American infrastructure through the administrative offices of dupes like Barak Obama, and there are many popular politicians involved in this scheme to overthrow the US government.

For example, comprehensive health care legislation is designed to levy mandatory carbon taxes that will be redirected to a world bank, dedicated to investment portfolios directed at funding extermination projects, and otherwise used to redefine world affairs under rules prescribed by the PNAC. Not surprising, this project involves circumventing key amendments of the US constitution through any popular economic reform package that Americans can be made to perceive are directed at stabilizing the economy, which they are not. The economic crisis was staged to prevail in these opportunities to intentionally unravel the constitution.

Also, global warming is a fiasco aimed at convincing the public there is a need to curtail carbon emissions, another lie in the face of reality as this is a naturally occurring sun spot phenomenon affecting all of the planets in our solar system. Under guidance from the BFT, Al Gore is promoting a man-provoked model unsupported by scientific research, the outcome being to predispose Americans to acceptance of a mandatory carbon tax bill embedded in health care reform. This means taxation without representation and empowerment of a governmental entity without consent of the governed.

In reality, comprehensive health care reform is a Trojan horse legislation, and it’s hidden army is a mandatory carbon tax, a conscripted national service involving participation off all citizens between the ages of 18-65, world population extermination events, a world bank investment portfolio dedicated to exploiting the mineral rights of disposed countries, detention camps and absolutely gun control, etc.

One of the logic errors of awarding Barak Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is the idea that he is getting a pay day advance for hours yet to be worked, which is in conflict with the American work ethic. The correct idea is hard work produces change but does not necessarily guarantee success, and both labor chief Thorbjoern Jagland, and Obama seem not to understand this.

Beyond the Nobel Peace prize, the BTF has created a domestic financial crisis through which it is now attempting to coerce legislation of a popular economic reform concern embedded with policies that will set the stage for dismantling the constitution. Here is the game plan for conversion to the envisioned PNAC utopia:

1) The BFT, by means of inauthentic documentation and election fraud, cause certain individuals to be elected to the presidency, Supreme Court and congress, 2)These individuals are willing to underwrite the US constitution with contract law, and they front popular reform packages developed by the BFT which circumvent key constitutional amendments thereby setting the stage for conversion of American infrastructure, and 3)
Once displaced, constitutional provisions are replaced with PNAC guidelines that become the guiding principles for a new world government, and this will be sustained only through a ruling theocracy.

It isn’t surprising at all why we are fighting a western provoked war with the entire Middle East. Judaism can not prevail against the efficacy of religions unmotivated by economics.

In view of Obama’s nefarious acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize, let alone Thorbjoern Jagland’s authentic reason for issuing it, what seems fair, really? Obama’s view of fairness is gratuity rises above honor, and this behavior is not surprising in a string of presidents whose oral traditions of mental confusion, sex, hatred and vagueness are the new status quo alternative to a moral American tradition principled on the concept of do unto others…

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