Blackwater Operatives Infiltrated Ron Paul Campaign

CIA allowed Blackwater to use fake journalist to gather intelligence on Middle East countries – Blackwater Operatives Infiltrated Ron Paul Campaign


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Stay alert.
It is foreseeable U.S. mercenaries now working overseas might attempt to lobby the Obama to be independently contracted by U.S. Government, to keep law and order in America’s cities should turbulent times develop like those recently seen in Greece. There appears to be nothing to stop U.S. Government employing “American Citizens” that are “mercenaries” on U.S. soil, on an independent contract basis, to assist Veteran and other Corps or the U.S. National Police Stabilization Force—apparently suggested in a recent Rand Corporation report provided the U.S. Army? See Rand Report Story:

Obama never clarified what he meant when he stated in July 2008:
“We cannot continue to rely on our military to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”

Obama’s expanded Veterans and other Corps are so broadly defined they could include several functions. Hitler’s Germany during hard economic times established volunteer “Civilian National Security Patrols” to help Citizens and to protect the Homeland. But soon after the patrols were setup, the civilian volunteers suddenly transformed into a neighborhood political enforcement and informant arm” of the Nazi Party while working closely with Hitler’s private Police, the Gestapo.

How would U.S. local and State police interface with Obama’s expanded Veterans “Corps?” Could Obama Corps and or a “civilian force” have access to U.S. Citizens’ private records? Could Constitutional rights including the Fourth Amendment be discarded, allowing Veteran or a Civilian Corp” to search Americans and their homes? Could Americans lose their right to bear arms? The Nazis used Civilian Forces working with the Gestapo to confiscate private arms, arrest Germans and seize their private property, subsequently moving into Citizens’ confiscated houses: Obama would have no trouble finding community brown-shirt volunteers by offering similar perks.

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