Reporter Accuses White House Of Breaking The Law

Fox News Reporter Accuses White House Of Breaking The Law

White House Calls for Citizens to Inform on Opponents of Obamacare

White House Blames E-Mail Controversy on ‘Sinister Conspiracy Theories’


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i also received e-mails from democrats about a month ago telling me about how they were passing all kinds of new laws about smoking and the chip legislation which just helped to fuel the fire with me …. i,m forty four never been married never had kids,,,,people that have children should be able to afford them not rely on government or my tax dollars to raise them…….it is absurd to think that one cent of my money that i pay in taxes goes to anything else but municipalities and infrastructure…..if i want to help the needy (which i do) then i can allways donate to a organization not use my tax dollars to help the neeedy when bridges are falling in minnesota

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