Swine Flu Vaccines Contain LIVE H1N1 VIRUS!

Swine Flu Vaccines Contain LIVE H1N1 VIRUS!
August 3, 2009

It’s not a typo, the main ingredient in the GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis vaccines contain a LIVE VIRUS, an attenuated virus meaning it’s a weakened form of the swine flu virus. Attenuated vaccines can be deadly and cause virus shedding, when a person is injected with an attenuated live virus the organism moves through the human body possibly infecting the host and then exiting through the feces, mucous membranes and saliva glands of the inoculated person. This is called ‘virus shedding’ and can last for weeks. [Source]

Imagine millions of children that will be involuntarily vaccinated this coming fall that will be shedding H1N1 swine flu across the country, in the sewage drains and possibly passing through the desalination process and in our tap-water. If half of the U.S. population will be vaccinated with this swine flu vaccine this coming fall and winter, imagine how virulently deadly this swine flu will be on an annual basis, this mandatory vaccination plan will surely cause the pandemic and not solve it.

Some readers may be thinking that I am a conspiracy nut for bringing this up, that vaccine makers couldn’t possibly be that evil. But all the reader has to do is Google “attenuated vaccines”, it means the vaccine contains a live but weakened form of a pathogenic virus. Do you really want to risk your health and inject live swine flu into your bloodstream in hopes it will immunize? Please don’t take that chance.

Both Novartis and GSK vaccines will also contain MF59, a squalene-based adjuvant that when combined with a live attenuated virus becomes many times more potent and deadly. [Source]

GlaxoSmithKline’s version of swine flu vaccine has been confirmed to contain Thimerosal, a preservative for vaccines mainly composed of highly toxic mercury. Mercury is the 2nd most toxic metal on the planet and is known to cause autism and other neural injuries in children. The vaccine also contains formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical most commonly used for embalming dead bodies for preservation. [Source]

This whole swine-flu scare is just one big infomercial for the influenza vaccine makers, with the help of the mediaopoly and the federal government they just might get to involuntarily vaccinate millions of Americans. Homeland Security, BATF, FBI, U.S. Marshals, U.S Military, NORTHCOM and FEMA are discussing plans to assist civilian authorities to enforce mandatory vaccinations and involuntary quarantines of large sections of the U.S. population. Vaccine Teams will be visiting private homes looking for children that haven’t been vaccinated, all of these events just might be right around the corner.

Today our efforts must be focused on educating the masses about these dangerous swine flu vaccines, we only have the entire summer to increase the volume of dissent so everyone will realize this entire swine flu pandemic is a hoax perpetuated by vaccine companies, the media and the federal government and that their solution will only increase the infection-rate of a new hybrid influenza strain. Contact your legislator by going here, fill out the form and demand the end to this madness.

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Live virus vaccines do not contain mercury because that would kill said virus. If Glaxo’s H1N1 vaccine has mercury in it, it is definitely not a live virus vaccine.

Comment by tulip

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And the problem is… what exactly? All vaccines have some of the actual virus in them.

Comment by Terry

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conspiracy nut ? Yep, this is the inciteful kind of crap that gets people all up in arms over false statements. Ther are so many easy to contradict items in the article it it a shame!
Shame on you for publishing such hogwash!

Comment by Tom Poure

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[…] Swine Flu Vaccines Contain Live H1N1 Virus […]

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