Saakashvili Planned to Flee Georgia During Conflict

Saakashvili asked the U.S. to send him a plane in the heat of the conflict
It turns out Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili planned to leave the country

August 21, 2008

The information barrier in Georgia has complicated the local population’s ability to understand how the events truly unfolded in South Ossetia. For over two weeks, the Georgian intelligence has maintained control over foreign news sources.

All Russian sites and “enemy TV” have been blocked. However, the government’s official propaganda was dealt a serious blow yesterday when the country’s only Russian-language newspaper Vecherniy Tbilisi published an interview with renowned political scientist Ramaz Klimiashvili.

Klimiashvili said that “based on information from the presidential chancellery and U.S. governmental structures, Mikhail Saakashvili requested that a plane be sent in for him when the threat neared of Russian forces taking Tbilisi.”

When the news began to spread, Klimiashvili writes, the opposition started to panic. Despite their many differences, Saakashvili was maintaining control over the situation and “without him at the helm the country would sink into chaos.”

The political scientist says Saakashvili wouldn’t have launched a full-scale military operation without U.S. consent.

“Was the U.S. really unaware that Russia would respond just like they did years back in Kosovo?” he asks. “I don’t exclude the possibility that to a large extent Bush was interested in seeing Russia’s reaction — whether the country was ready to utilize the Kosovo option. Russia was forced to act decisively to avoid looking helpless in the eyes of the Caucasus people.”

Klimiashvili believes that little good will come of the South Ossetian war.

“I don’t doubt the August affairs may one day be seen as more of a catastrophe than Georgia’s loss of Abkhazia in 1993,” he said. “We don’t yet know what is really going on… If the U.S. is involved here, then the guilt should be on their conscience.”


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Of course it was all done with US approval and encouragement. Bush wanted to see the Russian reaction and was ready to humiliate them if they did not respond and blame for aggression if they did. Of course in the end it is his big miscalculation that took Russia over the brink and never will they back off in the face of any threat from US or NATO.
As for Saahashvilli that pathetic president, he only came to Georgia as US lackey with specific order and plans. When it looked he would have his *&&^ had by Russians he did what he does best, get the hell out. LUckily for him the Russians did not need to push that far and what ever is left from Georgia will survive as a state. Those two provinces now states he can forget for ever.
Poor American people. What Bush and his neo-con buddies did in their name is something that nobody would ever believe it could happen in America. If it were not so tragic and terrible it would be laughable. So when you go to that voting room in Nov. please think hard what your vote for McBush would do for your country in the next 4 years. I would.

Comment by Novotruth

How about that 8 minutes of Bush speech at RNC? One minute for every year of his destructive and disastrous administartion.
They asked Republican delagate:
What about bush no one mentioned him?
Why should we talk about bushes around our houses and gardens when we have so much more to talk about, like this lovely soon to be mother of 17.
They asked another one:
What about Chaney?
You mean that guy with all those chains around his neck? What was his name? I get it Mr. T. right?
Folks, Bush/Chaney disaster never happened. Will American people of good will and integrity forget it? We hope not for their and our sake.

Comment by Novotruth

What is wrong with your comment feature. Either you don’t want any comments that are not in line with your thinking or there is some technical problem. Tell us.

Comment by Novotruth

There is no difference between Western media and Nazi propaganda. Free movie on this topic: “Art of Betrayal” at Free financial advice: buy life insurance for Saakashvili from US and UK insurance companies.

Comment by Evgeni Kostitsyn

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