Georgian President Vows to Overthrow South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Georgian President Vows to Overthrow South Ossetia and Abhkazia

NY Times
August 25, 2008

President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia said Sunday that he planned to rebuild his country’s shattered army, and that even after its decisive defeat in the war for control of one of Georgia’s two separatist enclaves he would continue to pursue a policy of uniting both under the Georgian flag.

“It will stay the same,” he said of his ambition to bring the enclaves, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, under Georgian control. “Now as ever.”

Both houses of Russia’s Parliament, meanwhile, voted unanimously Monday to ask President Dmitri A. Medvedev to recognize the enclaves’ independence. But the measure, which requires the president’s approval to take effect, was seen as symbolic.

Separately, the White House on Monday announced that Vice President Dick Cheney would visit the region from Sept. 2, stopping in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Italy to discuss the crisis.

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Ladies and gentlemen, those who can think for themselves and are rational people. You must see thisGeorgian prez for what he is. Deranged individual who although elected by his people, came to Georgia from US for one purpose and one purpose only, to fullfil his personal morbid ambition.He ain’t democrat, he is a dictator who dictates to everyone what to do and how to do it in his country. USA used him to fullfil their ambition to further encircle this huge country called Russian Federation, democratic country in its own right and it own way. Not American style of democracy as Bush would want to export to every country in the world, but their own brand.
Saakashvilli is unstable at best. He attacked Russian population that clearly decided not to stay with their Georgian tormentors which is their god given right and jet he thought he would force them by use of USA arms and training. Wrong. No one wins over the Russians with or without USA arma and training. USA itself could not do it and God help them if they ever get an idea they can. But this Saaki thinks he can do it by rearming his ragtag army. Wrong again. Nex time if he does it, the Russians will not stop till they dip their Nikes in the Black sea. So US would do well to keep him on the leash as they should heve done in the first place. Or maybe he had a phone call from the opening night at Olympics from his friend Bush telling him” Go ahead I’ll keep Putin busy by BSing him about peace on earth”. As I am watching the democratic conv. whle writing this, I can see there is hope for USA and hope the majority of people will grasp it. If not, God help us all for we’ll be looking at a serious confrontation with Russians in the near future. They will not back down any longer and are finished being pushed around.

Comment by Novotruth

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