Man arrested for taking a photo of police

Man arrested for taking a photo of police

The Sun
August 20, 2008

A MAN was held for five hours after he photographed a cop reversing the wrong way up a one-way street.

Andrew Carter snapped the cop van outside a chippie.

PC Aqil Farooq leaped out, hit the camera to the ground, handcuffed Mr Carter and bundled him into the back of the vehicle.

The plumber, 44, was arrested for supposedly being drunk, resisting arrest and assaulting the officer with the camera.

He was kept in cells before finally being released on police bail at midnight.

Mr Carter, of Bedminster, Bristol, said: �I was nearly knocked down there once so when the police van went the wrong way I sort of said, ‘Hey mate. no entry’. But he just shouted out of the window, ‘F*** off — this is police business’.

�It was very frightening. All I had done was photograph these police officers doing something illegal, but I was the one who ended up being arrested.�

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