Sky News lies: Tskhinvali ruins used to smear Russians

Sky News lies: Tskhinvali ruins used to smear Russians


U.S. Press bashing the Georgian assault on South Ossetia


Russia Ambassador to UN: Media creates “propaganda background” on Russian occupation in Gori

Georgia’s last Russian-language TV channel off air

Moscow Accuses U.S. TV Of Gagging Victims

Media spreading disinformation – Russia’s UN ambassador

INFOWAR – CNN Lies About Gori Bombings by Russia


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Everyone knows that Russian artillery and air force bombed South Ossetia on August 9 th – 11th. In order to get the Georgian troups out, the Russian army heavily bombed the South Ossetian capital. Georgian radar was destroyed by the Russians on the first day, so the Georgian army was unable to carry out any such actions.
Russia denies entering Georgia with troops before August 7th. This is a lie, Russia has brought troops into South Ossetia and Abkhazia multiple times. International organizations know this, as does Russia herself. The Russian government covered this up by calling it troups exchange and repair of railways in Abkhazia.
My question to president Saakashvili is, when over 500,000 Georgian refugees will be allowed to return to their legally owned properties, their homes, in South Ossetia and Abkhazia – and feel like equal, respected civilians as they were before Russia started exercising her influence in these regions.

Comment by Richard

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