U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students

U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students

Natural News
June 16, 2008

A Rhode Island school district has announced a pilot program to monitor student movements by means of radio frequency identification (RFID) chips implanted in their schoolbags.

The Middletown School District, in partnership with MAP Information Technology Corp., has launched a pilot program to implant RFID chips into the schoolbags of 80 children at the Aquidneck School. Each chip would be programmed with a student identification number, and would be read by an external device installed in one of two school buses. The buses would also be fitted with global positioning system (GPS) devices.

Parents or school officials could log onto a school web site to see whether and when specific children had entered or exited which bus, and to look up the bus’s current location as provided by the GPS device.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has criticized the plan as an invasion of children’s privacy and a potential risk to their safety.

“There’s absolutely no need to be tagging children,” said Stephen Brown, executive director of the ACLU’s Rhode Island chapter. According to Brown, the school district should already know where its students are.

“[This program is] a solution in search of a problem,” Brown said.

The school district says that its current plan is no different than other programs already in place for parents to monitor their children’s school experience. For example, parents can already check on their children’s attendance records and what they have for lunch, said district Superintendent Rosemary Kraeger.

Brown disputed this argument. The school is perfectly entitled to track its buses, he said, but “it’s a quantitative leap to monitor children themselves.” He raised the question of whether unauthorized individuals could use easily available RFID readers to find out students’ private information and monitor their movements.

Because the pilot program is being provided to the school district at no cost, it did not require approval from the Rhode Island ethics commission.


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We know where this is leading…to RFID chips under children’s skin. Fear is a rotten master. It leads parents to seek ‘security’ at all costs. When did knowing WHERE children are blind us to the fact that it doesn’t show us WHAT they’re doing? Isn’t it better to teach them RIGHT and WRONG while instauring relationships based on trust and confidence? Totalitarianism is for a people programed by fear and feeble inner resources. There is One who supplies peace of mind for the fearful and strength for the weak. JESUS…even His name is a powerful prayer. Don’t hesitate to call Him– He cares for you.

Comment by Anonymous

i totally agree

Comment by Anonymous

Since when did children ever become involved on the wrong side of terrorism? I am not scared of a nine year old child, more scared by the fact that Bush believes we need to monitor nine year old children constantly. Uh, on a technological note. If people couldn’t stop a hacker from accessing Palin’s email and removing a few choice items, how could I trust in a hacker not stealing my identity from this so called RFID database, which will not only hold my SIN(this feels like Shadowrun) but my medical history, probably my prison background, my bank accounts, my student id. I could keep the list going on and on, but it would probably fuel BigBrother’s fear.

Comment by YouwillnothavemynameyoustupidMACHINE

see in a while the way that the world is turning people are going to start demanding this chip because of its convience the goverment is ganna put it out there like its the best thing since the debit card but really its the mark of the beast 666 if you recieve the chip you have denied christ as lord and savior so we all know what that means but with out the chip you will not be able to eat or buy any thing but just dont accept it and ask the lord to come into your heart right now if u have not accepted him as your lord and savior and escape the destruction of the antichrist while we still have the spirt of god here on earth call on him and hes just and hes faithful to save you from the destruction of the enemy this is my prayer for you read revelations and youll knoe what iam talking about

Comment by Anonymous

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