Cheney Opposed Chemical Weapons Convention
April 4, 2008, 10:54 am
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Cheney Opposed Chemical Weapons Convention

April 2, 2008

Vice President Dick Cheney opposed the ratification of a treaty banning the use chemical weapons, a recently unearthed letter shows.

183 countries pledged never to “develop, produce, otherwise acquire, stockpile or retain chemical weapons, or transfer, directly or indirectly, chemical weapons to anyone” under the Chemical Weapons Convention, put into effect in 1997.

But in a letter dated April 8, 1997, then Halliburton-CEO Cheney told Sen. Jesse Helms, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, that it would be a mistake for America to join the Convention. “Those nations most likely to comply with the Chemical Weapons Convention are not likely to ever constitute a military threat to the United States. The governments we should be concerned about are likely to cheat on the CWC, even if they do participate,” reads the letter, published by the Federation of American Scientists.

The CWC was ratified by the Senate that same month. And since then, Albania, Libya, Russia, the United States, and India have declared over 71,000 metric tons of chemical weapon stockpiles, and destroyed about a third of them. Under the terms of the agreement, the United States and Russia are supposed to eliminate the rest of their supplies of chemical weapons by 2012. But that looks unlikely — the U.S. government figures it will get the job done by 2017.

Later this month, the 183 countries that have signed onto the CWC will meet in the Hague, to discuss how the Conference can be adapted for the future. An Iranian diplomat told Arms Control Today that Iran would like this so-called “review conference” to describe any violation of the 2012 deadline “as a clear case of serious noncompliance,” which could eventually lead to punitive measures.

In Cheney’s 1997 letter, the future Vice President voiced concerns that “the technology to manufacture chemical weapons is simply too ubiquitous, covert chemical warfare programs too easily concealed, and the international community’s record of responding effectively to violations of arms control treaties too unsatisfactory, to permit confidence that such a regime would actually reduce the chemical threat.”

But in a recent interview with Arms Control Today, Ambassador Donald Mahley, acting deputy assistant secretary of state for threat reduction, said the convention has been helpful in “preventing [the] spread of chemical terrorism.” The CWC “continues to work in as efficient and effective manner,” he added; the implementing it is “lean and mean.”


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Chemical crimes extreme to present by gangster bribe line. Crime syndicates and Racketeering in weapons and crimes on us:

Rockefeller and Busy obstructing Law on Congress, orders to National Security to obstruct law (SAGE vs. State, against NSA and genocide)

Big Chemical deals with Attorneys, states attorneys, (many fired again throuhout to cover up former bribes of crimes)

They blocked any councel, took crimes to be reported and retaliated to near death again anotehr year. They paid off the attorneys and then Gonzales resigned and others, top justice official now (I also called the justice department again in 2007 and told the court I was bringing papers and photos when they put me months back into near death, stalking, circles, circles with money, chemical attacks and assualts each day to the body)

Myers (military with new German Officer and others) and Chaney running the kidnapping (attempted and threatened to present on my son) while inacapaciating us and directly invovled in the crimes of retaliation
Senators, Governors on bribe lines and in this case using gangs in Air Force (CBS News documented) with supposed ‘testing’ of chemicals on us again to present

She set up thsee crimes and incapacitating while under threats to present and threats of retaliation from 2000 to present, illegal retaliation in 2007, before Gonzales resigned
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Port Authority under Rockefeller, Bush orders used to buy out small airport for the spraying overhead for electromagneitc, nanotech crimes by gangsters on us involved in the payoffs.

Security apparatus and supposed ‘secret police’ while firing many of them already; National Security Agents (fired again in 2006) along with many others; using multiple gangs acting as official and stalkers to increase isolation attemtps and known persons for it from 2000 when setting up 9-11

Chaney and Myers running prison camps with Halliburton using the chemicals (as well as on prisoners) millions round up all across the country, some because they were professors and scientists and ‘could’ some day become a terrorist with their chemical knowledge.

They are directly ordering the gang stalking and invovled in it.

Putting brain into more electromagnetic shock, the body near death at times, from 2004 to present and bringing broke over and over again, spending over 50 K the last 4 years

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doctors collaborating’ in the crimes; one victim who e-mailed me was taken, illegally, sodomized, in hospital. They attempted and still to present and illegally tried to get rid of myself just by ongoing defamation.

This has taken place for over 50 years in South America and they are beginning again with massive assaults using criminal gangs, mercenaries, all as official on anyone who is not in a retarded state of mind under microwave control.

Many victims to extreme after their failed attempts of other (nothing but racketeering in ‘war’ and ‘hate’) crimes.

Comment by S Cameron

(Sorry for sp. error above)

U.S.C. Section on Racketeering, upon United States Codes, Codes of International Treaties, Treaties and Laws on ‘State Emergency’ and using state emergency as a ‘license’ to obstruct all justice, to commit seriuos offenses, by bribe lines and indictments for crimes on us; all the way to the top. Serious crimes, their gangster bribe line in chemical assaults to present and daily obstructions. Not one person did they not retaliate on to cover up the crimes by firings. Under NSA spying, they attempted one thing and then the next, to outright threats, stalking, putting the body into shock and trauma by weapons and on friends. See website. There is nothing but gang racketeering taking place here. The VA, doctors, those already in bribe lines have been indicted by the thousands, including using gangs for ID theft for the crimes to use information illegally, to change it, to pass lies along for the crimes, and ‘add’ to it, and keep passing along defamation; thousands of dcotors already indicted. More scientists killed and the radiation labs workers retaliated on by 2007 again, fired to cover upt he crimes. The bribe line goes all the way to the top while direct invovlement with the attorneys and chemicals, DOW chemical on the national law boards with state oversight committees helping.

(All Germans had secret police records and this is still taking place using multiple gangs in crime as ‘NSA spying’)

Comment by S Cameron

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