Cheney: Iran seeks weapons-grade uranium

Cheney: Iran seeks weapons-grade uranium

March 25, 2008

Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday said Iran was developing a uranium enrichment program for military purposes.

“Obviously, they’re … heavily involved in trying to develop nuclear weapons enrichment, the enrichment of uranium to weapons grade levels,” Cheney said in an interview with ABC television transcribed by the White House.

Cheney, however, did not mention on what he based his accusation.

The United States and its European allies have led efforts to pressure Iran into freezing its disputed uranium enrichment work, a process that can be used both to make nuclear fuel and the core of an atomic bomb.

Tehran insists its program is peaceful.

The UN Security Council recently imposed a third set of sanctions against Iran over its refusal to halt its nuclear activities.

Washington has stepped up pressure to halt Tehran’s uranium enrichment program ever since a US intelligence report in December said Iran did have, in effect, a covert nuclear weapons program but that it was stopped in 2003.

The report, which the White House interpreted as confirming its suspicions about Iran’s secret ambition, increased skepticism over Washington’s warnings that began after the Iraq war did not yield the weapons of mass destruction the US had predicted.


Bush: US will show Iran who rules

Press TV
March 29, 2008

The US claims Iraq success will send a ’clear message’ to Iran that it cannot have its way with other countries in the Middle East.

“The reason why it’s … important to be successful in Iraq, is because, one, we want to help establish a democracy in the heart of the Middle East, the most volatile region of the world,” President George W. Bush said at a White House news conference with visiting Australian Premier Kevin Rudd.

“Two, we want to send a clear message to Iran that they’re not going to be able to have their way with nations in the Middle East,” he continued.

Earlier, Iran advised the Bush Administration to stop blaming other nations for its wrongdoings in Iraq.

“The US is exhibiting clear signs of projection bias and President Bush’s recent remarks show he is desperate to run away from the reality of the grim situation in Iraq,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said Friday.

Israel sees dwindling chance of US strike on Iran, despite nuclear ’smoking gun’


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