Lose Your Children If They Are Too Fat

Lose weight or we’ll take all six of your children away: Outrage over social workers’ ’draconian’ ultimatum to parents

This is London
March 23, 2008

Six young brothers and sisters face being taken from their parents and put into care because they are overweight.

Social workers have warned they will intervene if three of the youngsters – including a 12-year-old boy who weighs 16 stone – do not shed several pounds in three months.

The parents have been told they risk losing all their children if there is no improvement in the 12-year-old or two of his sisters aged 11 and three – who weigh 12 stone and four stone – by June.

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Witnesses: Teen killed by police had his hands up
Accounts dispute Oakland police version of fatal shooting of 15-year-old

Inside Bay Area
March 21, 2008

Witnesses said Thursday that Jose Luis Buenrostro-Gonzalez, 15, had his hands in the air and was unarmed when he was fatally shot by Oakland police Wednesday. “I saw the boy (with his) hands up and saw bullets flying,” said witness Luis, who declined to give his last name for fear of retribution.

When he rounded the corner, Luis said, he saw Buenrostro-Gonzalez facing the police.

“I didn’t see a gun,” he said.

Another witness, Ricardo Pedroza, 17, said that when he was coming to meet Buenrostro-Gonzalez from a block away, he heard an undercover police vehicle screech to a halt and an officer on a loudspeaker warn Buenrostro-Gonzalez to put his hands in the air.

“He had his hands up and they were still shooting him,” Pedroza said.

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Taser Claims Its Latest Young Life

Man arrested and forced to give DNA sample after spraying neighbour with garden hose

Man Innocently Kills Cop During Drug Raid

Cops Attack Demonstrators for Standing Around

Residents Stopped During Random Police “Saturation Patrol”


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