Records Reveal Hillary Played ’Co-President’

Records Reveal Hillary Played ’Co-President’
’She was meeting with Cabinet level officials on a daily basis’

World Net Daily
March 19, 2008

The thousands of pages of Hillary Clinton’s documents generated while the New York senator was first lady during husband Bill Clinton’s presidency reveal a sort of “Co-President Hillary,” according to the chief of Judicial Watch, the organization that filed a lawsuit to obtain their release.

About 11,000 pages of Mrs. Clinton’s daily schedules were released today by the National Archives and Records Administration, and Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told Fox News a quick overview revealed some interested activities.

“It looks like she was co-president, involved with Cabinet-level meetings,” he told the network. “She was meeting with Cabinet-level officials on a daily basis.”

He also said it appeared there was inappropriate campaign fundraising going on in the Clinton White House, based on a “short review” of those documents.

“The only reason there were no prosecutions,” he said, “was the Clintons were running the Justice Department.”

He also said it appeared that shortly after Clinton supporter Vincent Foster reportedly committed suicide, Mrs. Clinton had ordered her staff to clean out his office, interfering with what could have been the scene of a crime.

Nearly half – 4,800 – of the pages have parts blacked out, and archivists said that was done to protect the privacy of third parties who were mentioned in Mrs. Clinton’s paperwork.

The Associated Press reported its own review of the documents showed her “tackling health care reform out of the gate, with a meeting three days after her husband’s inauguration and many more as the year went on.” Her plan to create a national health care administration eventually failed.

The AP also noted Mrs. Clinton helped her husband “win congressional approval of the North American Free Trade Agreement,” which she now is criticizing.

Judicial Watch has posted links to the thousands of pages on its website.

“The Clintons have slow-pedaled this process but were unsuccessful in delaying the document release any further,” Fitton said earlier. “However, this does not put an end to Judicial Watch’s pursuit of Hillary’s White House records, including her telephone logs.”

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