Call For “Federal World Government” Endorsed By Hillary

Call For “Federal World Government” Endorsed By Hillary
Former CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite receives an award from the World Federalist Association for supporting globalism and admits, “We need a system of enforacable world law, a federal world government.”. Cronkite also says “I am glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.” Hillary Clinton congradulated Walter on his WFA award saying: “For decades you told us the way it is, but tonight we honor you for fighting for the way it could be.”

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The antichrist better not come close to me or he

will 1. get yelled at then punched really hard.

I hate him with a lightning passion.

Comment by Anti Antichrist

BULL-FEATHERS. Walter Cronkite has manipulated news since Vietnam. He will never admit to this fact. The world court is currently backing islam’s (lower-case intended) complaint which would stop any negative statement of this abhorrent religion or it’s founder . This ‘honest’ newsreader has yet to editotialise on these extremists. It will be a great day in America when both Cronkite & Fonda are buried/cremated.

Comment by Jack Dube

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