Lawyer opens defense claiming 9/11 an inside job

Lawyer opens defense claiming 9/11 an inside job

Sky News
February 27, 2008


Osama bin Laden’s role in the September 11 attacks has been called into doubt during Melbourne’s terror trial.

His involvement was questioned by a lawyer acting for the accused leader of the group, Abdul Benbrika.

Defence lawyers were today given their first chance to address the jury.

Benbrika’s lawyer Rudy Van De Wiel QC asked the jury to ‘have a good look’ client claiming,

‘There is a man who is not a terrorist.’

The Algerian father-of-seven was instead ‘a man deeply committed to his religion.’

The defence suggested the media had unfairly targeted Muslims in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks suggesting people ‘not forget America has done many evil things too.’

Van de Wiel brazenly declared, ‘to say all of this was orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden is a silly thing to do. He’s never claimed responsibility for the attacks.’

Counsel for another of the accused, said the prosecution’s case was entirely circumstantial.

Determining the content of taped conversations among the accused will be central to the outcome of the case.


9/11 may have been an insiders’ job – Dr. Hans Koechler

February 21, 2008


In a significant observation many time UN contributor & international observer Professor Hans Koechler said “9/11 may have been an insider’s job” in response to a question from one of the delegates attending his lecture The ‘Global War on Terror – Contradictions of an Imperial Strategy’ last night at the Trades Hall in Auckland.

“I am not a boy-I am 59. There are many inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the official version of events. Those who could not handle a Cessna pulled off 9/11,” he said.

But he was quick to note that the official version has to be challenged. Quoting David Ray Griffin he said these events, in terms of destruction caused, these incidents cannot have been exclusively organized by a shadowy network of Mujahedeen from the remote places of the globe.

The causes officially given for the incidents are not a sufficient explanation for what actually happened on that day, especially as regards the logistics of this highly sophisticated operation and the very advanced infrastructure required for it.

He has published more than 300 books, reports and scholarly articles in several languages. In his book The Global War on Terror and the Metaphysical Enemy he writes the atrocities of September 11, 2001- Instead of dealing with the contradictions and inconsistencies in the official version of events and the numerous gaps in terms of the factual information, a “dogma of political correctness” has been promulgated according to which 19 Islamic-inspired Arab hijackers, directed by an elusive “Al-Qaeda” (“base”), succeeded in carrying out the atrocities all by themselves.

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