Obama Supports North American Union Agenda

Obama Supports North American Union Agenda

Dallas Morning News
February 21, 2008

Under George W. Bush, the United States has not lived up to its historic role as a leader in the Western Hemisphere. As president, I will restore that leadership by working to advance the common prosperity and security of all of the people of the Americas. That work must begin with a renewed strategic partnership with Mexico.

Mr. Bush took office vowing to make the Americas a top priority. But over the last seven years, the administration’s approach to this issue has been clumsy, disinterested and, above all, distracted by the war in Iraq. Indeed, relations have not fully recovered since Mexico refused to fall in line with President Bush’s rush to war.

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon just traveled across the United States but didn’t even go to Washington, which isn’t that surprising given how little Mr. Bush has done to improve relations.

Starting my first year in office, I will convene annual meetings with Mr. Calderon and the prime minister of Canada. Unlike similar summits under President Bush, these will be conducted with a level of transparency that represents the close ties among our three countries. We will seek the active and open involvement of citizens, labor, the private sector and non-governmental organizations in setting the agenda and making progress.

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WE have NOTHING BUT LYERS to vote for!
The USA is being destroyed!
Treason is rampant in Washington DC!
The Sheeple in this nation of MORONS are TOO stupid to know that their country is GONE!!
defeated with hardly a shot being fired!
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida
1958 to 1992!

Comment by Clark C. McClelland, ScO

Haven’t you gotten it yet Mr. Obama??? The American people DON’T WANT ANY PART of a North American Union!

Comment by Anonymous

Over 80% of the population of this country want our borders protected by our military, ALL illegal aliens deported and NO MORE ANCHOR BABIES, along with NO NORTH AMERICAN UNION. What part of that do our so called representatives and presidents that are and president wannabes NOT UNDERSTAND. Jesus Christ!!!

Comment by Kim

The united States is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave and we don’t want a North American Union. This was not even voted on in Congress. It was something foisted on us by George W. Bush and Vicente Fox. This endeavor will gobble up farm land on either side of the highway by emminent domain on which the 18 wheelers travel with drugs coming in from Mexico and these trucks will not be stopped at the Texas border. The people were not allowed to vote, the Congress was not allowed to vote. America has been taken over by a bunch of criminals and they have turned our proud land into a dictatorship. The only way we can be liberated is through divine intervention! NESARA NOW!

Comment by Joyce Fleming


Comment by HELP US ALL


Comment by JAHenry


Comment by MARANIE

If We are going to Take America Back. Lets do it before the next Election. Action Speaks Louder then Words. Gotta Start Somewhere & Soon.

Comment by Marian

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous mass-murder bankster nazi criminals behind the phoney war on terror, 9/11, Waco, OKC, VAtech (and the list goes on):- plan.htm

Time is running out – signs.htm

Soon, it WILL be too late.

Comment by Freeman

why hasnt the issue of the North American Union been made public, and why hasnt there been any questions regarding it in the presidential debates?

Comment by Pej Danesh

What is this the Obama bashing page? Get real here! You people just dont want a black president…End of story

Comment by lise

Ron Paul or Ralph Nader. Both are being ignored by the media of course.

Comment by Jim

Let’s put JAY SEKULOW in our #1 leadership role as President of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, consisting of only 50 states, not CANANDA, MEXICO, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. He is right on track with the best book in the world, THE HOLY BIBLE.

Comment by Liz

Wow–holy S*^t….first of all, whenever we start talking about these things, i think it is most important to simply keep religious faith comments out. It blurs the issue here. These are HUMAN issues, not christian revelation/muslim/etc..issues. If we continue to back our stance on our individual spirituality, we will never unite. C’mon people–this is really happening, and MANY indigenous cultures have foretold, yes, these things will soon be IF we do not come together and recognize the value of every individuals soul and life here on this planet. Every belief system has predictions that fit this scenario. Can we please just unite for once in the faces of the banking and government system…put our ego’s and “needing to be right” aside at least for our children? For HEAVEN’S sake! We can create a heaven here on earth for them to be free in! But we first need to become brothers and sisters. not as christians, muslims, white, black, man, woman—just one human family! And those in power need to be seen as pitiful examples!

Comment by jc

You all talk alot but what are you DOING!????
If youre gonna talk the talk ,then walk the walk!

Comment by joe

That article is typical neo-con paranoia. Their main tactic is using fear to make people feel unpatriotic if we don’t drop to our knees and obey them. If we even attempt to make friends with another country then we’re suddenly “out to destroy America” now ?

This isolationist attitude the right-wingers have reminds me of the old Soviet Union and half the people in our country are dumb enough to buy it.

Seriously, get a life you paranoid freaks.

Comment by Tracy

the funniest thing about everyone getting up in arms is that they only care about their own opinions and not other view points. Obama is actually part of the organization that is causing the NAU to come to pass, the CFR or Council on Foreign Relations. They actually do have a right wing agenda to bring about a one government world, and it has already succeeded in Europe, and is doing a great job on NA, and starting with Austral-Asia through an Asio-Pacific trade agreement that will encompass even the U.S. (or by then, the NAU) in the agreement. All the signs are the same as when the EU was in talks of “free trade” and “open borders” concepts, which invariably turned into a continent that has been taken over by one government. Which also had no say from it’s peoples or lower levels of government, it was all done at the top. It just reminds me of something that came to me when i was doing research on the “Great Florida revival” that happened (and still is as a write this) “Beware the wolf is sheeps clothing” Just remember, “paranoia”, as it was put, isn’t always a bad thing.

Comment by Mike

President Obama, is already President. The Illuminati,made Obama President. Your vote doesn’t count, never has.

If you listen closely to the words in his speech. His agenda will be the same a Bush. All of the president of the US are all related. And are descendents of Royality in Europe. And yes, Obama is a cousin to Bush and Cheney.

So is the North American Union going to happen…absolutely. Who won’t have a say. Its going on right now and you have no say or involvement.

Its over., its been over for a very long time.

Comment by augie

No point in wasting time trying to think of how to stop this north american union thing from happening. The New World Order is INEVITABLE. It WILL happen. Now it’s not a nice reality but that is a fact. God tells us plain and clear in the BIBLE that there will be a one world leader ie ANTICHRIST in the last days. That is what these people want, and that is what will happen. You cannot leave the Bible out of this. It is relevant to everything that is happening around us. It also tells us that this leader will demand that EVERYONE receive a mark on his forhead or his right hand so that no one without this mark will be able to buy or sell anything. Well, given these microchips that people are already having stuck in them it seems to me that all these things are coming to fruition EXACTLY as the Bible said they would. Good news is that Jesus is coming back SOON to put an end to all this nonsense. So quite frankly, I aint worried. No power of Hell, no scheme of man, can EVER pluck me from his hand. So these little men can establish their new world order or whatever they call it, but they are gonna come unstuck in the end. All we can do is remain AWARE and alert to what is going on around us, REFUSE to receive the mark on our bodies, have faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and wait for Him to return.

Comment by God is in control

It’s time to refresh the tree of liberty, with the blood of patriots. Thomas Jefferson

Comment by Patriot

It’s a devious plan. It’s designed in such as way that which ever way you move there will be division and fighting among the people until thaey atke control. We are giving up freedom not by conquer but consent. We give our freedoms in small seemingly innocent amounts until its all gone. Best thing you can do is to join the Zeitgeist movement.

Comment by Buddhist

We are so screwed. I really hope people realize that Obama is full of it before his term is over.

Comment by Anonymous

We need to wake up America. Vote Ron Paul 2012.. It is critical, no more Obama, no more Bush. Vote Ron Paul 2012

Comment by terrence t

What is there that we can do about their New World Order ideas? Have any of you heard of the d.U.M.Bs? Deep underground military bases. Plus all the bull s**t about the human ID chips that are appentely already in America in some famalies. This is a bigger problem than anyone actually realizes. can we find a plan for this before it all goes down? Are elections really going to work? What if they are rigged? What if we don’t really have any control over that? Everyone seem to be so into the voting idea, but what can we really do? Everyone need a back up plan. i’m not sure how far you guys have been digging into all of this, but plz do. This isn’t a game, and it shouldn’t be a popularity contest. We all need realistic plans for if all the plans come to surface. I also don’t know where everyones values lie because i don’t know you. And if your reading this and think i’m a total idiot, it’s probably because im 17. But i know that we can’
t let this s**t happen or continue to grow. You guys are the adults, so…ya. If you havn’t realized, teens don’t have a lot of power in this world, but we are aware of whats happening.

Comment by Anonymous

Listen Up!!! Before people start commenting with their ignorant statements stating, “Lets wake up” and “Lets take America back.” Think first of how it can be done and how you can spread the message. Without money none of you people can do shit. I dont care if you stand in front of the white house with your signs for all eternity. It wont make a difference. The only way is through Education and Money. Period.

Comment by Anonymous

nice blog brother

Comment by Nasir

All I want to know is can anyone show me some bible verses that support the north american union, the african union, the euro union and the asian union and how all 4 unions will form a one world goverment. When you really follow up on all this you can see a bigger plan comming together. Please also look at the hilder group and how the bilderberg group and the rockafellers or as some people call them the illumanati are part of a secret scociety who is trying to control the world through the banking system and there ultimate goal is to the the new rfid chip implanted in every person walking the face of the earth and if you get out of line they can just turn your chip off and you cant buy or sell anything just like the bible talks about the mark of the beast. Also please mention how how the rockafellers have such influence that everything to do with 911 was fake and a freind of the rockefellers told everyone that the usa was going to fake the wars in afganastand and iraq so people would feel scared and start to demand for the rfid chip. Also do a little research and see if the star of david or the jewish people is actualy the symbal of the illumanati who are trying to take over the world. Its a 6 pointed star with 6 triangles and 6 sides. I sure wish I could see the big picture.. Somethings Im sure Im right on, but others im wrong to but there is conspiricy all over the place right now. Can anyone use bible verses to bring it all together and make since of it all.

Comment by thetruthhurts

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