Bloomberg: Global Warming “As Lethal” As Terrorism

Bloomberg: Global Warming “As Lethal” As Terrorism

February 12, 2008


Explaining why global warming needs to be stopped in an urgent way, Mayor Bloomberg said, “Terrorists kill people. Weapons of mass destruction have the potential to kill an enormous amount of people. [But] global warming in the long term has the potential to kill everybody…This really is just as lethal. It’s just the results are something we will face long term.”

The Mayor was addressing reporters after speaking at the United Nation’s conference on climate change. He mentioned the city’s plan to reduce the use of tropical hardwoods because the deforestation accounts for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. NYC is one of the world’s biggest consumers of tropical hardwoods, as they are used in park benches, promenades, docks, etc. Bloomberg also emphasized that the U.S. should have a carbon emission tax.

Last summer, Mayor Bloomberg and mayors from around the world convened to discuss environmental issues at the NYC Climate Summit; Bloomberg said another would be held this June. And for fun, during his speech, he said, “Of course, being the Mayor of New York – the world’s most international city – is a bit like presiding over the United Nations every single day of the year.”

Washington May Charge Greenhouse Gas Tax

February 11, 2008

Vehicle licensing fees in Washington State could spike dramatically, all in the name of global warming. Six Seattle Democrats in the state Senate are trying to push through a bill that would require the Department of Licensing to collect a greenhouse gas tax. Sponsors say the tax in Senate Bill 6923 is an effective way to fight global warming by giving the state more money to fund transportation alternatives. If it passes, there will be an extra tax on your yearly license tab fees, based on EPA estimated miles per gallon your vehicle gets. The bill states vehicles getting below 15 miles per gallon will be charged between $200 and $240 extra every year. Vehicles that get between 15 and 25 miles per gallon, will pay $100 to $180 dollars extra every year. Vehicles getting over 26 miles per gallon, will pay between $40 and $100 extra every year. Vehicles that don’t have an estimated fuel economy rating will be charged a fee based on engine size.

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The greatest threat to us all is not global warming but OVERPOPULATION which causes evrything bad including global warming. The next wars won’t be fought over oil but food and water. Unfortunately it appears to be politically incorrect to mention this and, of course dealing with it would raise no tax to get the pathetic British government out of the hole it has dug for itself

Comment by Brian Wylie

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