Ron Paul in the MTV/Myspace forum
February 4, 2008, 12:07 pm
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Ron Paul in the MTV/Myspace forum

Ron Paul Wins – Results:

Ron Paul: I’m the Republican who ‘gets’ young voters


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If everyone who states “Ron Paul will not win” would campaign and vote for him, this statement would not become true!
Ron Paul stands for the TRUE Republican Party. I believe the Libertarian Party would not have been created if the Republicans had not strayed from their principles.
I keep reading about how nothing but extremist groups are following Ron Paul but I ask you, what is more insane than even entertaining the thought of supporting any candidate who wants to continue war? taxes? US funded global military? open borders? Federal ID cards?
I look at most of the candidates and see the same evil winks and grins that we have gotten from the current leaders during the past two presidential terms and I am sickened by it.
We need to wake up, stop being passive, and vote for someone who will move our nation forward again using honesty and The Constitution. Talk to your friends and family about Ron Paul, get involved in YOUR homeland again!!

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im new on this forum….

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