Death Of Al-Qaeda Leader Championed For Second Time

Death Of Al-Qaeda Leader Championed For Second Time
U.S. government, corporate media celebrate death of man they told us had been captured three years ago, succeed in out-Orwelling George Orwell

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
February 1, 2008

The death of “senior Al-Qaeda leader” Abu Laith al-Libi is being celebrated by Neo-Cons as a reason for continuing the endless war on terror – absent one crucial detail – the corporate media widely reported that another “senior Al-Qaeda leader” named al-Libi had been arrested back in May 2005. The American people have been fooled again in another case of mass public deception.

There was much lip-smacking and high-fiving three years ago about how the capture of “Al-Qaeda number three,” a certain Mr. Al Libi, would lead to crucial information about Al-Qaeda’s plans and even the whereabouts of fabled Goldstein mirage Osama “bin dead for years” Laden, presumably after al-Libi had received the proper welcome from the land of the free in the form of fifty thousand volts shooting through his genitals.

In actual fact, the al-Libi that had been caught was Abu Faraj al-Libi, not Abu Laith al-Libi. Abu Faraj al-Libi was described as Al-Qaeda “flotsam jetsam” by the London Times, ie some semi-retarded goatherder shoved onto the front lines under the threat of a beheading – and not the fearsome Laith al-Libi, third in command behind Al-Zawahiri and Bin Laden.

This mattered little to 99% of the corporate media, who enthusiastically championed the arrest as a key victory in the war on terror and justifications that the “arrest of Al-Qaeda number three showed we are making progress” spewed forth from every Neo-Con orifice.

No clarification, no retraction – the American people were fooled into thinking their tax dollars were helping to rip apart the command structure of Bin Laden’s evil terror network and the propaganda was regurgitated ad infinitum for weeks on end.

Fast forward nearly three years to 2008 and the media celebrates the death of the same “senior Al-Qaeda leader” they told us was captured in May 2005, a man third in command behind Bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri named al-Libi. Perhaps we should commend them on spelling his middle name correctly this time around, but who knows, maybe al-Libi the third will pop up in a couple of years and we can all listen to Neo-Con hacks rant about how it’s such a defining moment for the war on terror again.

The New York Times reports on “Senior Al-Qaeda leader” al-Libi’s arrest in May 2005.

“Senior Al-Qaeda leader” al-Libi’s demise championed again three years later!

This callous deception and the way in which it just keeps being re-applied boggles the mind. They have succeeded in out-Orwelling George Orwell. At least in 1984, the proles were told they were at war with East Asia one year and the next year they were fighting Eurasia – at least the names changed!

In this hyper-twilight zone dystopia, the architects are quite happy to recycle the same names over and over again without anyone calling them on it. How many times was al-Zarqawi captured or killed before he was finally dead? I ended up losing count.

Why do they resort to such base propaganda? To the average dumbed-down zombie, an al-Libi in 2005 and then another one in 2008 is readily accepted and consumed without question, they are none the wiser. To anyone that actually follows the news however, it acts as a blunt instrument to gradually batter them into propaganda fatigue, to the point where it’s academic to raise a fuss because you know they’ll just pull the same trick again a few years down the line.

We’ve become conditioned to accept logic being turned upside down and reality altered when it suits the propagandists’ timetable.

No matter how many times they claim the same Al-Qaeda leader has been killed or captured, we need to continue to attack this assault on common sense for the farce it is, lest we be continually subjected to the manufactured delusional smoke and mirrors propaganda that veils the reality of the fact that the war on terror is a ridiculous hoax.


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