Huckabee: Change Constitution to be in ’God’s Standards’
January 16, 2008, 5:06 pm
Filed under: 1st amendment, Mike Huckabee, neocons, religion, US Constitution

Huckabee: The Constitution Should Be Amended To Conform To The Word Of God

January 15, 2008

Now, I understand that Christians believe the word of God (as defined by the various denominations) is the ultimate truth. And I understand that Christians want to incorporate that truth as they see it in our laws. But what we need to remember is that while Christianity dominates America’s spiritual landscape not everyone in America is a Christian. We’ve got Jews and Muslims, Buddhists and atheists too. And they may not want the Constitution to reflect the word of God as Mike Huckabee sees it

This is why our founding fathers put, in the very first amendment of the Constitution, a clause ensuring that our national government would be a secular government. They realized that all Americans should be free to practice the religion of their choice

Huckabee doesn’t seem to get this, and all primary season hyperbole aside, it’s a little scary.


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