Hillary: “I wouldn’t have gone to war” (but voted for it)

Hillary: “I wouldn’t have gone to war” (but voted for it)

January 6, 2008

After falling off the political radar, the Iraq war re-emerged yesterday as a flash point between Hillary Rodham Clinton and the surging Barack Obama in the final days before the New Hampshire primary.

Clinton, in a feisty and combative mood, sharpened her criticism of Obama and John Edwards — even tossing a barb at Russian leader Vladimir Putin, joking he doesn’t have “a soul.”

Clinton’s newfound aggressiveness came as her staff girded for an increasingly tough battle in New Hampshire against Obama and a growing internal pessimism about the senator’s prospects in South Carolina and Nevada later this month.

Already reeling from a third-place finish in Iowa last week, the Clinton camp got more bad news yesterday. A USA Today/Gallup Poll showed her trailing Obama by 13 points, while a CNN/WMUR daily tracking poll showed Obama vaulting to a 10-point lead.

Asked about Iraq during a big rally at Nashua North High School, Clinton said, “After 9/11, I never would have taken us to war in Iraq.”

Obama’s campaign quickly pointed out that Clinton voted to give Bush authority to invade Iraq in Oct. 2002 and that she rejected withdrawal plans for years afterward. Obama spokesman Bill Burton accused Clinton of trying to “rewrite history” to win over anti-war voters.

“It’s hard to believe she didn’t know what would happen after she voted for a resolution with the title ‘A Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq,'” he said.

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