Senate Passes $555 Billion Bill for Iraq

Senate Passes $555 Billion Bill for Iraq
The measure includes $70 billion in war funding but no timeline for leaving Iraq after Democratic leaders relent to the administration.

LA Times
December 18, 2007

Congressional Democrats’ yearlong campaign to bring the war in Iraq to an end concluded with a whimper Tuesday as the Senate failed again to pass a timeline for withdrawing U.S. troops from the conflict.

As they have all year, Senate Republicans prevented the move to set dates by which the president would have to begin and complete bringing American forces home.

And Democratic leaders gave in to demands from the Bush administration for more money for the war without any congressionally imposed restrictions. The latest $70 billion in war funding was incorporated into a $555-billion omnibus spending bill that will fund most of the federal government next year.

“In the end, we had very little leverage to do anything,” Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) said as the once-heated war debate closed with little suspense and no drama.

Senators spent as much time Tuesday delivering tributes to retiring Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott — the chamber’s No. 2 Republican, who is leaving in the middle of his term — as they did debating the war.

The four senators seeking the Democratic presidential nomination — Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut and Barack Obama of Illinois — missed the debate.

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Senate Approves $70 Billion for Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…for_iraq_Afghanistan_12182007.html


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