America’s Trade Debts Lead to a Likely Gold Confiscation

America’s Trade Debts Lead to a Likely Gold Confiscation


December 2, 2007

Federal agencies have indicated that the accumulated trade debts of the United States have reached $9 trillion. This can be explained once one realizes that outsourcing of production jobs and manufacturing has gathered speed over the last twenty years to a point where we don’t make more than a nominal percentage of our own necessities. These debts result in accumulated “TRADE DEFICITS” which are discussed in the daily papers. What is not discussed, however, is how these “trade debts” will ever be paid. Well, common sense would tell most of us that — they will be paid in some form.

Recently posted in the Federal Register on the internet were regulations listed under the caption of The Patriot Act . . . . At the end of 17 pages you will find legal definitions for “bullion coins” and “rare numismatic coins.” Strange how the definition of these forms of gold would show up under 17 pages of regulations pursuant to the Patriot Act having to do with identification of persons boarding and de-boarding aircraft and a multitude of other topics. Once you analyze the situation, it becomes obvious that these regulations were published in this manner, so as to keep the information from the general public and avoid suspicions of confiscation and the resulting objections.


The purpose of the confiscation is clearly to settle America’s trade debts in an acceptable form. Keep in mind that Central Banks end up with all of the trade debts via bank deposits in dollars, or, Treasury Bonds, dollar denominated, with no guarantees against loss due to deterioration of the value of the dollar. Since the dollar has been in a constant downtrend as most Americans realize, Central Banks should not be expected to take all the losses on these transactions without complaint. Indeed, there are complaints and we believe the complaints have reached fever pitch. Central Banks no longer wish to accept dollar-denominated assets in payment of trade debts and are demanding American gold.

There is really no other logical mechanism for them to accept payment. Today, silver is not a monetary asset and neither are any of the other metals such as platinum or palladium. Only gold can be used for settlement of debts between Central Banks.

“No,” you say! . . . . Such a conclusion is unjustified. If so, then we ask, how is it that 30,000 retail jewelry stores have been forced to become registered with the Treasury Department over the last two years, since January ’06, as indicated at their website at The Jewelry Trade Association required their members to purchase a “Patriot Act Compliance Kit,” all of which relates to registration — a form of licensing, obviously connected to one of their main lines of business: gold jewelry.

Why is it also that bullion dealers and gold coin dealers who do $50,000 or more in business a year have also been required to become registered with the Treasury Department as indicated in their printout of April 24, 2007, from their website. This particular, April 24th printout may or may not still be on the website, but we have copies from that date on file.

There is significant other evidence as well, including the recent confiscation of gold of an organization in Evansville, Indiana, The Liberty Dollar Group, which stirred up some concern about the use of paper money in the United States, and thus, the gentleman who proposed an alternative form of money was put out of business.

In addition, the U.S. Mint, the seller of extremely popular American Eagle series of coins has, as of October 15, at least, terminated all sales of American Eagle gold coins. By the time you read this, they may have changed their minds again, which, of course, can be reversed after a brief period. Their mint dealer network may or may not still have the American Eagle series coins in stock, but sooner or later, their stocks will run out and there will be no more gold available in this form.

It is our view that the definition of the antique numismatic coins, given in the Federal Register, indicate the one way to avoid the loss of all physical gold in your hands. The interpretation of the wording of the regulations can be taken differently by different people. Our interpretation is that coins that have rarity value at least equal to the bullion value at the time of purchase would logically be deemed legal under these rules. Since it is not likely that any further explanation of these regulations will be published, this is all we have to go on. Of course — they are not going to announce the confiscation date ahead of time.

We are frequently asked what our opinion is of the timing, and that is obviously difficult to say, but it would not be amazing to see the confiscation gold within the next twelve months of the extremely unpopular Presidency of George W. Bush. That means there’s only twelve months to go, if we believe that this evil act will be consummated during his term. For more information, contact us at Criminal Politics Magazine at 1-800-543-0486 or visit our website at


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