Bush Declares Iraq To Join The New World Order

Bush Declares Iraq To Join The New World Order

Lee Rogers
Rogue Government
November 29, 2007

On November 26th, 2007 George W. Bush issued a joint statement with Nouri Kamel Al-Maliki which essentially declares that Iraq will be permanently occupied by the United States for many years to come. The statement called the Declaration of Principles for a Long-Term Relationship of Cooperation and Friendship Between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America, as blogger Damian Lataan notes, effectively makes Iraq a permanently occupied colony of the United States.

The document is filled with all sorts of Orwellian double speak. Take for example the opening statement of the document_

As Iraqi leaders confirmed in their Communiqué signed on August 26, 2007, and endorsed by President Bush, the Governments of Iraq and the United States are committed to developing a long-term relationship of cooperation and friendship as two fully sovereign and independent states with common interests. This relationship will serve the interest of coming generations based on the heroic sacrifices made by the Iraqi people and the American people for the sake of a free, democratic, pluralistic, federal, and unified Iraq.

It declares that the long-term relationship will consist of cooperation and friendship as two fully sovereign and independent states with common interests. Later in the document, it states that the United States will support Iraq in political, diplomatic, cultural, economic and security spheres. How is Iraq a fully sovereign and free independent state if Iraq is going to be occupied by a foreign military whose government is going to support them in almost every aspect of governance in this long term declaration?

This statement is really nothing more than a declaration from George W. Bush and Iraq’s puppet government that the United States is fully committed towards bringing Iraq into the New World Order.

To summarize the key points, the statement declares that the United States will continue on a long term basis to help defend the Iraqi government against internal and external threats. So the U.S. military will continue to serve as an internal police force in Iraq for many years to come. It specifically states that the U.S. will continue to provide security assurances and commitments to deter foreign aggression against Iraq. It also states that it will help Iraq in its efforts to combat all terrorist groups, Saddamists and other outlaw groups. So basically, anybody who doesn’t like the U.S. occupation of Iraq could be considered an outlaw group and the U.S. will assist the Iraq government in defeating them.

It also declares that it will support Iraq in enhancing its position in regional and international organizations including the World Trade Organization and various international financial and economic organizations.

Perhaps most disturbing is that it also states in the declaration that they will facilitate and encourage foreign investment in Iraq, especially American investments to contribute to the reconstruction efforts. It is hard to say what this means, but considering the amount of money that has been funneled into the military industrial complex with these military adventures in Iraq, it seems obvious that they are looking to sell out Iraq’s infrastructure to private interests.

The details of this declaration are slated to be agreed upon before July 31st, 2008. If this goes forward, there appears little doubt that the Iraqi government has sold out the nation to be a full fledged colony of the United States and part of the New World Order. This madness must stop. Vote for Ron Paul in 2008, so we can end this insane quest of empire building that these madmen in Washington have embarked on.

Bush just made Iraq an American colony


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