Why is the Secret Service protecting Glenn Beck?

Why is the Secret Service protecting Glenn Beck?
Glenn Beck Confronted, Protagonists Questioned By Secret Service – Ron Paul supporters threatened with arrest for asking CNN host about recent tirade linking them with terrorists

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
November 26, 2007

Members of We Are Change Ohio were threatened with arrest and questioned by members of the Secret Service before and after confronting CNN host Glenn Beck this past weekend about his efforts to link Ron Paul supporters with terrorists, during public appearances at which Beck was promoting his new book.

Pro-Ron Paul demonstrators were waiting for Beck as he arrived at two separate events in Ohio, but those who tried to question Beck about his recent tirade about the Congressman’s supporters being a “physical threat” that should be dealt with by the U.S. military were quickly booted out by security and threatened with arrest by police if they re-entered the bookstore.

Beck and his mindless sycophants applauded as Change members were frog-marched out of the building for asking a question.

During one more low-key exchange, Beck did agree to have Ron Paul on his CNN show. Attempts to give Beck a V For Vendetta DVD were unsuccessful.

Watch the videos.

U.S. taxpayers footed the bill for four police to man the event at the second appearance in Columbus, along with several other plain clothed officers and even Secret Service officials who, according to demonstrators, questioned Ron Paul supporters.

Activists claimed that Beck’s employees admitted Secret Service were chaperoning Beck, leading to charges that Beck is being directly bankrolled and protected by the government to spew his propaganda.

One man was questioned about Ron Paul as he lined up to meet Beck.

“I know it wasn’t one of these people (the Ron Paul supporters),” he remarked.

“They looked like former military officers,” he added.


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Ron Paul has been a political favorite of mine for several years and I hope he continues to show the the other candidates for the hypocrites that they are.

You did a great job of putting Beck on the record regarding his own willingness to have Ron Paul on his show. I’m not sure what you’re trying to suggest about the 9-11 attacks. If you think 9-11 was a conspiracy by the powers that be to blow up the buildings, you’re going to find that Ron Paul disagrees. All the more reason to get him on Glenn’s show so he can go on the record again about it.

Also, the movie, _V for Vendetta_ was a dreadfull mutation of the Stephen Moore graphic novel. If you want to distribute _V_for Vendetta_, then you’d do better to hand out the book, not the DVD.

You get major points for tenacity, though.

Comment by Lynette Warren

This post is empty in thought. Glenn Beck is one of the reasons that some of our country’s freedoms might still exist in 2 years.

Comment by Kevin Webb

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